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a driver who follows too closely behind another motor vehicle

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TGM founder Randy Dye depicts it as this, “The Parking Lot Pro network are Official Event Partners of Tailgater.
Teaching the tailgater a lesson is absolutely not in your best interest.
Speed cameras don't stop tailgaters, texters or nutters.
The American Tailgating Association - and please don't scoff at the idea of an American Tailgating Association, because really, who else is going to give the tailgater a voice at the national level?
The excitement of Friday night pep rallies always spills over to bright and early game day mornings when tailgaters arrive on campus to claim prime spots.
It never dawns on the tailgater that if I accelerate I'll be putting myself and others at more risk.
It is interesting that tailgaters willingly extend hospitality to strangers; however, if a stranger "steals" a spot that another tailgater identifies as his own, hostility arises.
My advice, as a professional tailgater, is that no matter what food you have for a tailgate, just make sure you have more than what you need, so that you can share with your neighbors.
Known as tailgaters, they intimidate safe drivers to break the law by speeding up to distance themselves or to pull over out of their way.
An even higher level of security can be obtained using the company's no-tailgating protection, which works with an infrared array and camera that sends an alarm and pictures of the user and tailgater to the system's command center software.
Dunkin' Donuts today announced the newest addition to its all-day breakfast lineup for fall, the Tailgater Breakfast Sandwich, officially available for a limited time at participating Dunkin' Donuts restaurants beginning August 31.
said he is a tailgater but admits he doesn't like being on the receiving end of flashing headlights.
For now, the Autzen Stadium parking lot sits as quiet as a polite tailgater guest after biting into an undercooked buffalo wing.
The Tailgater wants the person in front to know THEY are more important.
Other lanes may be busy too, and it isn't always an option to remove yourself instantly from the path of the tailgater.