tailed frog

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western North American frog with a taillike copulatory organ

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Consider, for example, what fossils say about the ages of the sandhill crane (10 million years old), the Gila monster (30 million years old) or the tailed frog (150 million years old).
The tailed frog inhabits banks of clear, cold streams in Pacific Northwest forests.
And logging without adequate streamside protection has had an effect on many populations of the tailed frog and torrent salamander throughout the Pacific Northwest.
The forests in the coastal regions from California to the Canadian province of British Columbia are known for hosting unique and ancient flora and fauna, including tailed frogs, mountain beavers and coast redwoods.
The forests of the coastal regions from California to British Columbia are renowned for their unique and ancient animals and plants, such as coast redwoods, tailed frogs, mountain beavers and the legendary Bigfoot - also known as Sasquatch.