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Standart reminds the PM had put a tailcoat only once so far a for a ball in Vienna.
And it has echoes of the infamous Bullingdon Club snap of Tory leader David Cameron posing in a tailcoat during his days at Oxford University.
Most pupils' uniform is tailcoat, waistcoat, pinstriped trousers and white tie but stars like Tory buffoon Boris Johnson have a black cloak marking them out as a King's Scholar.
He took the handkerchief out of the pocket of his tailcoat and dried the palms of his hands.
SITTING pretty, above right, the girls' Daisy dress is pounds 30 and the boys' waistcoat and cravat is from pounds 20, wing collar shirt from pounds 10, tailcoat from pounds 25, and trousers from pounds 12.
95, by Crombie; Tailcoat suit hire, from pounds 48, top hat and gloves, pounds 16, at Burton; Ultra light three piece morning suit from the new Royal Ascot Collection by Moss Bros Hire, from pounds 99 (top hat extra) to hire, and pounds 499 to buy, sizes 38 to 52 regular.
And when conductor Timothy Henty, in white tie and tailcoat, joined the denim-clad dancers for the curtain call, how many thought: Who is that man, and what is he doing there?
His body lifeless, he was wheeled from the stage, only to return in a silver top hat and tailcoat as the stage was made to look like the afterlife.
At the other end of the scale, one of the 50 remaining annual members' badges, costing pounds 160 and requiring a top hat and tailcoat, can be purchased.
Visitors can see the blue wool tailcoat, beige trousers and leather boots worn by the English hunk, along with the beautiful cream silk dress worn by his bride - typical of the early 19th century.
But Renee, whose passion for jewels, beads and sparkles knows no limits, put on a sequin-covered tailcoat.
Sporting a sequin-encrusted tailcoat, the five-time Grammy award winner gave a slick, flamboyant performance Thursday night at the iTunes Festival in London, mixing new material with longtime crowd pleasers including ''Rocket Man,'' "I'm Still Standing'' and ''Tiny Dancer.
As with male clothing for the period, it had long narrow sleeves, shorter at the front "and a tail from behind" - possibly the world's first tailcoat.
In the inside pocket of the tailcoat, an envelope, neatly folded.
And he did the job so well his parents, Erika and Eddy, have made him a special red tailcoat and found him a top hat.