tactical manoeuvre

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PM Sharon is reported by Israel Radio to regard it as a tactical manoeuvre, not a shift in strategy.
Francis brought Ndlovu on after Stan Lazaridis sustained a pulled hamstring after 24 minutes but he then substituted the Zimbabwean international at half-time in a tactical manoeuvre.
In a seemingly tactical manoeuvre to try to avoid confrontation with his critics in the party top echelon, Kiir had to delay calling for the party meetings despite reported eight requests by the former SG, Amum, and another recent request by the acting SG, Ann Itto, for 22 October.
He said: "I couldn't be sure that it was not a political tactical manoeuvre or was he genuinely sincere?
Mick Kinane, the master big-race assassin, rides with the sure confidence that only experience and maturity can bring, a fact exemplified by his outstanding instinctive tactical manoeuvre in getting first run on arch-rival Soviet Song, as he suddenly swept from last to first on the outside of his rivals to secure the advantage and gain the day in the Sussex Stakes.
The action looks like a tactical manoeuvre to apply pressure on the Council as the Inter-Governmental Conference enters a decisive phase from which the European Parliament has no intention of being excluded.
In March this year, faced with trade union opposition, the government withdrew a batch of bills relating to CyTA's privatisation, in what may have been a tactical manoeuvre.
This was the third of those wins, and it was executed with the help of a tactical manoeuvre, whereby Supple ignored the trend of the week and kept his mount on the far side up the straight.
The second-placed Premier League outfit were furious that Tigers performed a tactical manoeuvre that eroded their winning scoreline to 12points.
For all those who know our president well, the arrival of this lady can only be seen as yet another tactical manoeuvre of his.
Den's-Joy continued her love affair with the course with win number five, but had Darryll Holland to thank for the opportunity to shine, as the rider made a purposeful tactical manoeuvre to outsmart his rivals in the classified stakes.
There was no reason to mention all this, which was a tactical manoeuvre.
When the IRA declared its first cessation the DUP were firmly of the view it was a tactical manoeuvre.
Oliver Gibson branded the gesture a tactical manoeuvre -- and said the violence would not stop.
Unfortunately though, the promises made by Anastasiades before the elections, have forced him to employ a tactical manoeuvre that perpetuates the partition status quo.
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