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It is no more than a tactical maneuver and our shareholders should have nothing to do with it.
To corporate tycoons like Philip Condit, the former Boeing CEO who pushed Congress for the necessary trade agreements to sell taxpayer-subsidized goods abroad, free trade ideology is not a set of principles to hold in the heart, but a tactical maneuver to be deployed--or withdrawn--as the circumstances require for the particular ends sought.
The tactical maneuver listed the sale of oil-drilling leases in the Alaskan refuge as a source of $2 billion in revenue for the fiscal year 2004 budget.
But having the authority is a very standard tactical maneuver in union negotiations.
Did Lincoln's proclamation affirm Hale's message, or was it just a tactical maneuver to rejuvenate support for the Union during the Civil War?
Each year before winter arrives, the PKK declares a ceasefire and moves into rural areas in eastern Turkey in a tactical maneuver.
The government portrayed this as a tactical maneuver to avoid a showdown with teachers where the only casualties would have been university applicants left in the lurch.
In Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), the newly created battlefield surveillance brigade (BfSB) provides additional CI and HUMINT assets to reinforce the collection efforts of tactical maneuver commanders.
Interdependent maneuver thus is built upon the definition of tactical maneuver developed by military theorists in the 1980s and 1990s.
Departments should determine policy and provide adequate training before allowing officers to use this tactical maneuver.
By thinking outside-the-box, Laura came up with a tactical maneuver that surprised everyone else at our office," stated Jon Boyd, Laura's Managing Broker at the Ann Arbor based real estate company.
The PKK, which has suffered a heavy blow with the recent operations conducted by Turkish security forces, declares a cease-fire and withdraws its militants to the camps as a tactical maneuver as winter nears each year.
In parallel, the Navy conducted an operational tactical maneuver with live fire, as part of the combat training plan of the Navy for 2011.
Army's Shadow 200 TUAV will serve as the tactical maneuver commander's primary organic reconnaissance, surveillance, battle damage assessment (BDA), and target acquisition platform.
Response teams could use the external cutoff switches built into some vehicles in a tactical maneuver to thwart terrorists.
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