tactical intelligence

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intelligence that is required for the planning and conduct of tactical operations

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The E-MIB will serve two purposes: it will give the Corps Commander the resources to "shape" the Intelligence effort, reinforcing collection efforts to solve critical priority intelligence requirements, and through its unique partnership between FORSCOM and INSCOM, it will ensure the tactical Intelligence force remains connected to the operational-level and national-level IC.
In addition to the electronic surveillance devices unearthed last weekend, events this year have proven that Israel is assembling tactical intelligence using the human intelligence of spies, and using the pilotless drones known as unmanned aerial vehicles, Hanna added.
The keys to success of Steel Web have been adherence to the concept of centralized operational planning and decentralized execution, which includes maintaining the flexibility to respond to tactical intelligence and information; pursuit of international engagement opportunities, which occur at the tactical, theater and strategic levels; partnering with law enforcement officials of other nations, which helps develop indigenous interdiction forces and enhances the cumulative impact of interdiction efforts directed at drug traffickers in the region; and maintenance and training support through deployable training teams, resident training and subject matter expert exchanges, which improves the effectiveness of our counternarcotics partners.
Once attached, every attempt should be made to keep the tactical intelligence team together, rather than "robbing Peter to pay Paul" in response to emerging requirements or a perceived crisis elsewhere.
To address the important issue of how to communicate strategic and tactical intelligence and potential threat information quickly across federal and local jurisdictions, the FBI's Washington field office (WFO) FIG reaches out to some 40 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies through a weekly conference call to brief metropolitan area officers on counterterrorism matters that could affect the city and the surrounding area.
Tactical intelligence is information that can be used to assist in the immediate or short-term investigation, operation or problem.
This capability can be used by other Services, especially the Army, to put tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance satellites into low-Earth orbit.
The initial results were quite promising, and TRAC--in collaboration with the Engineer Research and Development Center-Topographic Engineering Center (ERDC-TEC)--began the development of Threat Mapper, a computer program to help analysts in the field make spatial forecasts in support of tactical intelligence operations.
Military Intelligence Soldiers would easily gain insight on the application of the tactical intelligence gathering methods learned in Army schools.
Back then, the Australian roamed the sidelines for the Wallabies, picking up some tactical intelligence against the Graham Henry-coached Lions.
Contemporary definitions of national and tactical intelligence are now archaic and do not reflect the sophistication of 21 st-century collection, analysis, and distribution methods of intelligence.
Gerard Houllier rightly praised him for his tactical intelligence against United and I agree that Danny is a bright lad.
As the unit has matured, the types of strategic and tactical intelligence requested by senior management have shown that senior management values the unit's work.
The focus has shifted to providing tactical intelligence and time-critical targeting directly to fleet and component commanders around the world.
Certain strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence collection efforts by military and civil intelligence agencies may assist the police in accomplishing law and order operations and gathering criminal intelligence.
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