tactical intelligence

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intelligence that is required for the planning and conduct of tactical operations

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It is the elite, thinking force that can operate to shift TTPs successfully in interrogation-facility management, fuse all-source intelligence into single-source operations for tactical intelligence exploitation, and shift the "hearts and minds paradigm" in the medium term.
Tactical intelligence includes motric ability, which can be structurated and adjusted to the problematic situations encountered in the game.
The Houla incident also demonstrates that Israel has refocused its efforts on gathering tactical intelligence, after the debacle of the 2006 war from that perspective, Hanna said.
has often been reluctant to provide tactical intelligence to Pakistan because the shared information frequently winds up in the hands of the Taliban or even al-Qaeda.
He also learned Mandarin Chinese while a tactical intelligence officer in the military.
An added complication turns up in the form of Special Agent Rachel Walling of the FBI's Tactical Intelligence Unit.
More importantly, Grant remains convinced that his job is to add maturity and tactical intelligence to players who lack the confidence to react spontaneously to events.
Today we are standing up the Navy's first tactical intelligence command.
Rachel Walling of the FBI's Tactical Intelligence Unit is on the scene almost as soon as Harry Bosch with the LAPD Homicide Special Squad.
Once in combat, the needs of tactical intelligence consumers are time-sensitive and can rarely be supported by a hierarchy dependent on the flow and validation of information and permission up the chain of command and then back down this same chain once the intelligence has been collected and analyzed.
While Hizbullah has clearly made significant progress in the area of intelligence in general, its main achievements during the war were in tactical intelligence gathering.
That is revolutionary in those communities," Mark Bigham, director for business development and tactical intelligence systems at Raytheon, told reporters in Texas.
These circumstances inclined many of the army's leaders toward condoning torture as a tactical intelligence technique.
Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, managing and sharing timely threat information and strategic and tactical intelligence with state and local officials have become primary concerns of the federal government.
Knowing which crimes or disruptions gangs are planning and how the gang operates puts critical tactical intelligence to it's optimum use, and suppressing gang activity equals officer safety and violence prevention.
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