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Synonyms for tactfulness

the ability to say and do the right thing at the right time

Synonyms for tactfulness

consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense

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That Dogen promotes the virtue of tactfulness is evident in the following passage:
Educators stress the importance of librarians having certain characteristics such as sympathy, compassion, tactfulness and intelligence when dealing with children, which they say can be hard to come by as no one trains them specifically in such skills.
These situations demand a high level of prudence, cool tempered, tactfulness, humour, kindness, diplomacy and sensitiveness to improve human relations.
means that the unfairness and pain of having to carry a stigma will never be presented to [normals]; it means that normals will not have to admit to themselves how limited their tactfulness and tolerance is; and it means that normals can remain relatively uncontaminated by intimate contact with the stigmatized, [remain] relatively unthreatened in their [own] identity beliefs.
Addressing the gathering at the Network Majlis in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Cobos also talked about her vision to refine the world by promoting civility, diplomacy and tactfulness.
Political tactfulness alone will not fix the situation or resolve existing differences.
The skills that would differentiate leaders from non-leaders are: their intelligence, their conceptual skills, their creativity, their diplomacy, their tactfulness, their fluency in speaking, their knowledge about the work, their level of organization (administrative skills), their level of persuasion and their social skills (Stodgill , 1974).
Role-playing is an excellent means of inspiring discussion with emphasis on positive words, timing, respect, and tactfulness.
The meticulousness of the labor of exhumation is, one feels, matched by a sense of tactfulness and reserve on the part of the photographer, who understands perfectly that his work has been done for him.
Hence, we really do feel that the questioning of the awards and the sarcasm note in the article was totally out of place and lacks tactfulness, noting at the same time that the awards are presented in the name of Government of Dubai, which is a firm attestation of its integrity and quality as all other awards of the Dubai Government.
We had two in the Majlis, and it was only through her tactfulness that one of them agreed to get treatment at a psychiatric hospital, the other, a periodical consultation.
Another chapter discusses the perfectionistic tendencies and lack of tactfulness that can be construed as Asperger arrogance and gives guidance on how to stop coming across as a know-it-all and avoid embarrassing verbal blunders that can cause trouble at work.
Dr Shehabi claimed the ambassador's statement lacked tactfulness and diplomacy, which, he said, stoked feelings of disappointment among a large number of people, who for the first time held the US responsible for the fast deterioration of the situation.