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Synonyms for tactfulness

the ability to say and do the right thing at the right time

Synonyms for tactfulness

consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense

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Personally, I admire Naji for his tactfulness and the politics of his work.
I try to walk the fine line between curiosity and tactfulness when it comes to talking politics at the dinner table.
Tactfulness will smooth the way when financial troubles erupt.
Demystifying their profession and evoking their arduous search for love and stability, Lou's detachment--often an artsy pose in his other films--has a kind of tactfulness here that allows these absorbing stories to speak for themselves.
These include flexibility and self-discipline (Neumann Solow, 1981, 2000); good attention span, stamina, tactfulness, good sense of humour and good judgment (Frishberg, 1990); mentally and emotionally able to do the task (Humphrey and Alcorn, 1996); people (interpersonal) skills; and emotional skills such as self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, empathy, confidence, flexibility, reliability, self-discipline, resilience, humility (Napier et al.
Virtues of this sort include tolerance, reasonableness, and tactfulness.
These are intellectual and political challenges which need to be tackled with some socio-cultural and political tactfulness otherwise the whole quotas agenda could easily be undermined.
Skopje must show more diplomatic wisdom and tactfulness in solving issues with its neighbors," said Zaev in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio Saturday.
Chadha and Ganeshan (1986) Bar-On (Eq-i) Interpersonal Scales and Tromso Social Intelligence Scale (TSIS) developed with eight subscales namely patience, cooperativeness, confidence, sensitivity, recognition of social environment, tactfulness, sense of humor, and memory.
In Homer's Odyssey the decisive and authoritative roles were assigned to men like Odysseus and Telemachus, whereas the women although as compared to Iliad have been assigned important even powerful roles in the form of goddesses, Calypso or Circe or the old and influential maid Eurycleia, nevertheless have only been handmaidens to the genius and tactfulness of Odysseus.
Educators stress the importance of librarians having certain characteristics such as sympathy, compassion, tactfulness and intelligence when dealing with children, which they say can be hard to come by as no one trains them specifically in such skills.
These situations demand a high level of prudence, cool tempered, tactfulness, humour, kindness, diplomacy and sensitiveness to improve human relations.
This longing and telos are the source of great acts of courage and generosity, as well as of graceful acts of courtesy and tactfulness.
means that the unfairness and pain of having to carry a stigma will never be presented to [normals]; it means that normals will not have to admit to themselves how limited their tactfulness and tolerance is; and it means that normals can remain relatively uncontaminated by intimate contact with the stigmatized, [remain] relatively unthreatened in their [own] identity beliefs.
Addressing the gathering at the Network Majlis in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Cobos also talked about her vision to refine the world by promoting civility, diplomacy and tactfulness.