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a variety of chert containing magnetite and hematite

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Cliffs hosted a ribbon cutting event for the new facility at United Taconite on May 30.
Highlights covered include the 1964 Taconite Amendment, the Reserve Mining Pollution Trial, and regional and local economic development policies.
Gogebic Taconite (GTac), a subsidiary of the Cline Group, owned by Florida coal magnate Chris Cline, has its sights set on this iron ore.
Reduce coal fired generation on its fleet by 185 megawatts through the conversion of Laskin Energy Center in Hoyt Lakes to a natural gas peaking station and the retirement of one of three units at Taconite Harbor Energy Center in Schroeder.
Christine Goepfert, NPCA's Upper Midwest program manager, quoted in the Duluth News Tribune in response to proposed regulations for Minnesota's taconite industry designed to reduce smokestack emissions, which cause haze and lung ailments.
Our blood is flaked with rust and taconite, our mornings are dark, our
And in the realm of research and technology delivery, FHWA is spearheading a number of activities related to recycling and beneficial reuse of industrial byproducts, such as recycled asphalt shingles, fly ash, spent foundry sand, taconite mine material, and steel slag.
A deep russet color, representing the area's taconite ore, is used throughout the facility and is enhanced by natural wood elements.
Although the pure ore is now depleted, taconite mining remains strong using processes developed locally to save the industry.
For most of Minnesota's 150 years of statehood, its distinctive economic advantages were largely a function of its natural resources, such as timber, taconite and tourism.
Attic insulation, concrete, wallboard, roofing, crayons, and potting soil, as well as tremolite-contaminated talc, taconite ore, and Sierra foothill soil, contain contaminated vermiculite or other "naturally occurring asbestos.
Processed taconite is formed into pellets, which are used to make iron, then steel.
the ores are siliceous taconite banded iron formations.
EVTAC Mining has taken delivery of two fully assembled Unit Rig haul trucks to be used in its taconite mining operations in Eveleth, Minnesota.
Drilling under the Burlington Northern Railroad Allouez Taconite facility, another,1800 feet; and