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Synonyms for tackiness

the property of being cohesive and sticky

tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar

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Since the degree of curing could be crucial to the fluidized bed coating process in this study and could affect the properties of coated particles such as tackiness and flowability, we investigated the curing kinetics of epoxy thin coatings on particles by using photo-Differential Scanning Calorimetry (photo-DSC) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).
A tackiness test reportedly revealed when a 500g load is applied for 1 min.
It's true it's shorn itself of much of its native identity, the local accent being more Wolverhampton than Wales, but laudably has desisted the temptation to resort to tackiness.
We also need to improve the image of our seaside towns - some of which still have a terrible reputation for tackiness and drunken, loutish behaviour.
I have been to others, though, which could hold their own in a tackiness contest with the best of them.
We used the measured tackiness to predict the formation of binder-rich particles in the coated broke as a function of disintegration temperature.
All this is presented with exuberant giddiness, not to mention no small amount of ostensibly naive tackiness.
It beggars belief that this kind of tackiness and tawdriness is being promoted as a cultural family event.
This prescription foaming face wash can be used twice per day, and when washed off leaves no tackiness or scent.
It provides increased throughput during the converting operation for two reasons: its reduced tackiness inhibits the board from sticking to the printing and converting equipment, and it requires a shorter dwell time with lower heat than competitive fold-over heat-seal boards.
Test your knowledge of their on-screen and off-screen triumphs, tragedies, and occasional tackiness by matching a dozen fun factoids with the correct diva.
In the 1970s, despite its tackiness and its cliches, its crassness and its silliness, it reached for something that rock had almost abandoned--dance-floor boogeying and bootyshaking.
Baker tolerates the members of its lowest social stratum as long as their poverty and tackiness are invisible, and it's there that chicken farmer John Kaltenbrunner comes of age as many mythic heroes do, with the promise of high birth giving way to early orphaning and banishment.
Conventional adhesives, by contrast, lose their tackiness only if they are cooled to about -40 [degrees]C.