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Synonyms for taciturn

Synonyms for taciturn

Antonyms for taciturn

habitually reserved and uncommunicative

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Sometimes, when she laughed, she displayed her teeth, but at ordinary times her air was taciturn and haughty--especially in the presence of Polina and Maria Philipovna.
And then," resumed D'Artagnan, "to this decrepitude is probably added poverty, for he must have neglected the little that he had, and the dirty scoundrel, Grimaud, more taciturn than ever and still more drunken than his master -- stay, Planchet, it breaks my heart to merely think of it.
Full of preoccupation, however, from the scene of the previous evening, and hardly recovered from the effects of the poison which Colbert had then administered to him, the king, during the whole of the day, so brilliant in its effects, so full of unexpected and startling novelties, in which all the wonders of the "Arabian Night's Entertainments" seemed to be reproduced for his especial amusement - the king, we say, showed himself cold, reserved, and taciturn.
This officer was a cold, taciturn man, inspiring little love in those directly beneath him, yet respected and feared by the black soldiers of his little command.
Noting his reputation for not saying much during interviews and post-screening Q&As supporting the film, Frears dryly remarks, "I hear I'm quite taciturn.
I felt I couldn't do anything wrong out there today,' the taciturn Salvador, a former caddy at Apo Golf in Davao, said in Filipino after he saved par from the bunker a total of five time in the front nine.
Great acting, with special mention to Craig Parkinson, left, as bent cop DS Cottan, and his taciturn superior Adrian Dunbar as Superintendent Ted Hastings, a magnificent script from Jed Mercurio and tension which never wavered throughout.
The madness, the horror, the cold taciturn hell of it.
Skarsgard was brilliant throughout as the taciturn, seen-it-all before (and more besides) detective, trying to work out why his former work partner was murdered, but we could have done with seeing more of the equally brilliant Walker as the ghostly Stevie.
Fearing he was falling into a fitness rut, marathoner and entrepreneur Jesse Itzler hired a taciturn, tough-as-nails Navy SEAL to spice up his routine and whip him into military-grade shape.
Both are fourth Installments In franchises that scarcely seemed able to support a third; both feature recast, taciturn leads who must safeguard four scantily clad women on a dangerous road trip; and both express single-minded devotion --in radically different fashions--to stripping the action movie of all pretensions.
Unprepared for the treacherous road, he employs a taciturn, cigarchomping sharp-shooter called Silas (Michael Fassbender) as a guide.
Downing Street remains taciturn regarding this issue, its silence almost deafening.
Leading man Jason Statham proves why he's become Hollywood's go-to guy for taciturn, charismatic action heroes and helps to turn this into a mindlessly entertaining thriller.
Now that he's getting on a bit, though, Sly has decided to pass on the baton to Jason Statham, Hollywood's current taciturn action man of choice.