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Scania Fleet Management and Tachograph Services have received the German Telematics Prize 2018.
A spokesperson for North Tyneside Council has now said: "As soon as we heard about the recent convictions of company employees, in relation to tachograph offences committed on longer journeys, we carried out an immediate risk assessment to make sure none of our children and young people had been put at risk.
As well as drink driving, officers also checked tachographs, tyre conditions and lights.
Furthermore, in the event of a problem, it is not the driver who will be primarily liable but the employer who asks the driver to tamper with the tachograph," explained Socialist Said El Khadraoui (Belgium).
Under the partnership, the two companies will collaborate on integrating fleet management and tachograph services and continue to individually develop and launch their own products.
The idea is set out in a proposal for amendment of legislation on digital tachographs - the device that registers driving time and rest time of professional drivers - and is meant to make it easier to fight fraud: driver cards can be exchanged easily between drivers, unlike driving licences.
Five vehicles were ordered off the road after the drivers were found to have used a magnet to interfere with their tachograph in an attempt to extend their driving period.
He confessed to investigators that he used another tachograph card to hide his long hours and inadequate rest.
The solution consists of a digital tachograph, developed by Transtron Inc, that has wireless communications capabilities and which transmits information such as vehicle speed, current time, position and engine speed to a central server.
A BLACK Country waste disposal firm "came within a whisker" of being ordered off the road for good over 1601 kilometres of missing tachograph records.
VEHICLE dealers risk being stung by an on-the-spot pounds 200 fine if they are caught using a low-loader trailer behind their tow vehicle if is not fitted with a tachograph, warns the Retail Motor Industry Federation.
The law states a tow vehicle can have a gross vehicle weight up to 3,500kgs without a tachograph being required.
A TRUCKER tried to dodge a pounds 60 speeding ticket by hiring a lorry to recreate his trip and then using its tachograph record to claim his innocence.
We've looked at his tachograph and he hadn't travelled above 90km/h (55mph) all day.
European Union (EU) legislation made digital tacographs mandatory for new heavy goods vehicles from May 1 last year, but the Commission has claimed in an announcement: "To date, Greece has still to establish the necessary legal and practical arrangements, including the issue of tachograph cards for drivers, companies, workshops and control officers.