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a theodolite designed for rapid measurements


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First over the point where the tacheometer measurements were made, the Leica C10 laser scanner was placed.
Similarly the results of calibration of tacheometer Trimble 5605 (with stated 5" st.
The results of calibration of vertical angle measurements of tacheometer Topcon DT9 (with stated 9" st.
The experiment consisted of two parts: measurement of the surface (obtaining the point cloud) by means of laser scanning by geodetic tacheometer and obtaining the point cloud by means of photogrammetry.
A Trimble 5503 electronic tacheometer was used for the wing section surface scan and additionally for obtaining coordinates of marks (3) for the orientation of images in space needed for better coincidence of point clouds acquired by photogrammmetry and tacheometer scanning.
After the measurement and calculation of linear distance from tacheometer to the scale performed according to the previous chapter, it was determined that the distance l equals to 2.
Standard deviations of the horizontal angle measurement of the most commonly used electronic tacheometers are listed in Table 2.
The calibrated instrument Trimble 5503 tacheometer with the stated standard deviation of angular measurements of 5" (arc sec) was used.
2; the tacheometer was mounted on the linear slideways and aimed to the linear scale positioned vertically at a distance of approximately 2.
Obviously the calibration with single calibration plate can not be performed at the entire range of tacheometer angular measurements (360[degrees]) since the plate will not be visible on the images.