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measuring instrument for indicating speed of rotation

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TACH has more than 4,000 video programs and approximately 10,000 audio programs.
Tach technology works by directly converting the analog detector signal to a digital data stream and significantly reduces the noise introduced by conventional analog electronics, thereby decreasing the required radiation dose delivered to a patient while still improving image quality.
Visitors to the TACH internet network will also find a complete Used Car Price Guide, a Motorcycle Price Guide, worldwide Automobile Museum database, Videotape Library database and more.
After a three-and-a-half hour search in atrocious weather conditions in the pitch dark, trudging through murky fields, Tach and his super sensitive nose pickedup the missing man's scent.
Bob Gordon, president of TACH, said the cybercast is a tremendously
The fan tach values are compared to values stored in limit registers, enabling control of the fan speed relative to predetermined, user-selected values and to also detect if a fan has stalled.
The carers raised the alarm and dog handler Constable Keith McCabe, police dog Tach, four other officers from Lisnaskea, and the police helicopter were scrambled to the scene.
and SACRAMENTO, April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- TACH, The Auto Channel, continues to break new media ground with its exclusive cybercast of live continuous reports of the Indianapolis 500 race from the Brickyard on May 26, 1996.
Developed by Marconi with patents pending, the Tach technology chip transfers data from the detector array at a revolutionary gigabit-per-second rate.
The 4712KL fan offers an optional tach output, locked rotor alarm signal and delivers up to 120 CFM.