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a calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens

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Under the new system, the ballots of individuals with disabilities are fed through the same tabulators that count the ballots that are manually completed by other voters at the polling place.
The Bonus Jackpot System consists of the Bet Tabulator System, and the TableVision System.
Some tools such as Tabulator [Berners-Lee et al 2006], Disco (6), Zitgist data viewer (7), Marbles (8), Object Viewer (9) and Open link RDF Browser (10) can explore the Semantic Web directly.
As an example, consider how RDF graphs are edited in the Tabulator (Berners-Lee et al.
The company is highly vertically integrated, maintaining complete stamping and metal fabricating capabilities inhouse, including tube, fin, tabulator and bracket forming.
The 1890 tabulator was hardwired to operate only on 1890 Census cards.
20) One of the earliest automated searching technologies was the Hollerith Tabulator, invented to process punched cards for the 1890 US census and which laid down the foundation of the IBM corporation--see <http://www.
The use of a tabulator also had an effect on the duties of the railway accountant.
Off the top of my memory stack, here are a few facts to even up the score: 1907 - Coventry Economic Building Society buys first commercial tabulator for doing its books' 1938 - Prof Tommy Flowers invents thermionic valve using own cash which is basis of all early computers' 1942 - world's first computer, Colossus, goes live for decrypting Nazi Enigma intelligence traffic and plays a major part in winning the war'
1889: American inventor Herman Hollerith patented his tabulator, the first device for data processing.
Barbian modify the Hocking County computer vote tabulator before the announcement of the Ohio recount.
But his victory doesn't fix some of the essential problems with electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail or the dubious central tabulator computers that are as open to hacking as any other personal computer.
One team member served as the tabulator while the other recorded the information.
Equipment includes a tabulator, calculator, sorter, collator, reproducer, three keypunches, two verifiers and a card interpretator.