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Synonyms for tabulate

Synonyms for tabulate

arrange or enter in tabular form

shape or cut with a flat surface

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Edelman [81] tabulates expected values of the smallest eigenvalue of random matrices of Wishart type.
Hart InterCivic's proven eSlate System combines voting equipment that is highly intuitive, durable, accessible and secure with comprehensive election management software used to create ballots, tabulate and report votes, and manage equipment inventory and data.
While retailers continue to tabulate their holiday sales totals, some said Tuesday that preliminary results indicated they were meeting and in some cases exceeding expectations.
The mortgage calculator tabulates the costs through a set of variables and formulas and arrives at a specifically tailored estimate.
Year 2000: State Compliance Efforts describes the problem and tabulates the results for the 27 states that responded to the survey.
American tastes are clearly changing thus the demand for more flavorful and diverse beers is exploding," said Paul Gatza, Director of the Brewers Association, which tabulates industry growth data.
The easing of prices on a monthly basis coupled with continued low interest rates could result in an uptick in affordability when the association tabulates that index in the near future.