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The Prisoner's Dilemma is often demonstrated tabularly in the form of a two-player matrix.
This work is in fact a collection of tabularly arranged homophone lists.
fiscal structure, 1988 data are tabularly presented by general revenue source and general and detailed expenditure class in Deutshmarks.
For each of these files, you can preset how you want a run to be done: what mass range or selected gases to monitor, how fast to run, whether to use the electron multiplier or the Faraday cup, whether you want to measure total pressure or not, how you want the run graphed, whether you want to print it, whether is should be printed tabularly or graphically, whether it is to be stored automatically at the end, etc.
UUFM elegantly integrates university planning operations by tracking space at many resolutions (room, division, dept, college), reporting space graphically and tabularly, and facilitating space planning.