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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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The 4G spectrum is expected to deliver the speed and convenience of home and office broadband connections to users of smartphones, laptops and tablet computers.
Liu Yingjian, board chairman of the company, discloses that Hanwang Technology will promote tablet computer based on the Android operating system of Google Inc.
Tablet computers hold one very important edge over laptops for some students: improved handwriting recognition software makes them the favored choice over laptops for students who prefer to write their notes instead of type them.
The fuel cells will be used to provide power to 10 prototype tablet computers.
Imagine enjoying all the perks of your tablet computer, without any of the stress or strain.
The company has benefited from the booming tablet computer and smartphone market, but said sales had also been lifted by more affordable contract phone deals.
Microsoft will release its first tablet computer, the Surface, in eight countries and regions including China and Australia.
CALIFORNIA: The US computing giant Microsoft yesterday gave an early peek to the key Chinese market of its new tablet computer and Windows 8 software, promising a 'fast and fluid' operating system.
ie reads: "The House invites proposals from interested parties for the supply of tablet computer devices, support and maintenance.
Summary: DUBAI - Research in Motion, or RIM, on Tuesday announced that the new operating system for its flagship tablet computer has been made available for download yesterday.
The software development kit (SDK) allows service providers, application developers and device manufacturers to launch voice and video calling services for tablet computer users.
While these measures will make an easy snatch and go more difficult, using a Tablet Lock on your Tablet Computer will remove the act of stealing it from the crime of opportunity category.
Designed with full consideration of people's most natural and practical computing needs, Acer TravelMate Convertible Tablet PCs bring a new dimension to mobile computing by uniting the notebook PC with the tablet computer.
An Elegant Solution for Secure Access to Your Tablet Computer
The company's share of the tablet computer market has fallen to its lowest mark, with figures this week revealing consumers flocking to Google.