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a group of people attractively arranged (as if in a painting)


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In Yol and Palampur, both situated in the Kangra valley, religious tableaux vivants are publicly displayed on Janamashtami, the birthday festival of Lord Krishna.
In the context of these attacks on the moral character of tableaux vivants and their witnesses, Dando's ostensibly uncomplicated contribution to the superb technical quality of the Palace shows, of considerable interest in itself, merits a closer look.
The final set of essays tackle the rhetoricians as public performers, as in Alan Knight's detailed overview of Lille's annual Procession Nostre Dame, during which local chambers of rhetoric mounted tableaux vivants, and Lynnette Muir's valuable appraisal of the frequency of the appearance of chambers of rhetoric in the civic ritual of French-speaking cities of the southern Low Countries.
18) </pre> <p>Samuel went on to suggest that the popularity of these tableaux vivants owed much to the British enthusiasm for do-it-yourself and tinkering in the shed: there was little conceptual difference between model aeroplane making and getting the right buckles for an English Civil War outfit.
There is even a historical precedent for this form, called tableaux vivants.
Audience members will be led through the tunnels of this abandoned military fort to encounter choreographed tableaux vivants that evoke each of the seven deadly sins.
The great aunt of Virginia Wolf, she made photographic portraits and tableaux vivants in the 1860s and 70s.
While I do not personally agree with that estimation, clearly the text does lend itself to tableaux vivants where the action is frozen into a moment of stasis.
In our time those familiar to most Americas are civic parades with floats or tableaux vivants, all quite different from the medieval variety, though many will have regularly observed or even participated in liturgical processions at the beginning of the Mass.
By opting to shoot the film as vivid chiaroscuro tableaux vivants, the prison scenes acquire an almost palpable intimacy and therefore are all the more poignant.
In The House of Mirth (1905), Edith Wharton explores the complicated relation between narrative and reality through Lily Bart's attempts at self-representation during the tableaux vivants.
To the contrary, Archibald Meston's tableaux vivants, produced for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee at the request of Home Secretary Horace Tozer, led to Meston's appointment as Queensland's Southern Protector of Aborigines.
Fonchito identifies with Schiele and spends hours posing Lucrecia and himself in tableaux vivants that reproduce Schiele's paintings, a game he learned by reading his father's notebooks.
The breakup of that family as seen through the eyes of the son and daughter is chronicled in a series of tableaux vivants based on surrealist paintings by Ernst, Magritte, Dali, and others.
Informed by the attempted street-savvy familiar to readers of Sandburg's poetry, the articles are illuminating journalistic exercises in the established racial liberalism of in-equality, grounded rhetorically in social bombast and structurally upon imagistic tableaux vivants.