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tableware consisting of a complete set of articles (silver or dishware) for use at table

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Consequently, the typical fast food meal had fewer calories than the average meal from a table service restaurant, whether the diner is an adult, teenager, or child.
Their chefs will create its traditional take-out and also handle area catering, with some table service on the side.
That was the second time we offered table service in the Twin Cities and we've started getting calls for reservations from those who joined us then.
The new marketing program spotlights recent changes that include the new look, new menu, table service, and real silverware and plates.
Tenders are invited for Food market & casual table service concession terminal 1, dublin airport
Guests should bring a covered dish, drinks and table service.
The new service and hospitality initiative, introduced in Fazoli's 128 company-owned restaurants, expands on earlier service upgrades that included the addition of table service and real plates and silverware.
San Diego-based MobiMagic has been bought by pcAmerica, which is enabling line busting in rapid service restaurants, as well as tableside ordering and payment in table service environments.
But the opinion here is that it slipped noticeably after it shifted from table service to counter service.
New concept combines upscale menu, table service and real plates, but at quick-service prices
Contract award: providing meals for school meals formula mini-self and table service.
Since 1996, QSR has helped thousands of hospitality businesses of all sizes and concepts - including table service, quick service, fast casual, deli, bar, concession, pizza, delivery, and other unique environments - to effectively enhance productivity and profit.
Contract notice: catering services for schools and receptions without leisure accommodation in the city of toulon and benefits delivery and table service meals for adult annual festivities held outdoors by the city of toulon in 3 lots.
PAR plans to continue marketing the SIVA products to the restaurant table service chain segment and immediately extend SIVA's service-oriented enterprise architecture to the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) and other hospitality segments.