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a short sleeveless outer tunic emblazoned with a coat of arms

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Emmerdale ITV1, 7pm & 8pm Dan visits Chas in prison, where she's rocking that blue tabard.
So stylish: Embellished tabard pounds 16 and rib pencil skirt pounds 12 from George at Asda.
Then, some 30 minutes later, a chirpy woman in a high-vis tabard knocked on my door and asked me to sign a chit confirming receipt of said flyer
Brunch remains a good time to tweak drinks with lower alcohol liqueurs, says Chantal Tseng, head bartender at the 40-room Hotel Tabard Inn in Washington, D.
At the Tabard Inn, thirty travelers from a diversity of classes and occupations are planning to make the annual pilgrimage to Becket's shrine at Canterbury.
Chris Hunt, 43, who runs The Tabard, a pub in Rotherham, shaved the 31-year-old UK spurdog boat-fishing record with a giant of 20lb 9oz (pictured) on a run from Oban in the Laura Dawn, skippered by Ronnie Campbell.
Some of the projects, such as the Tabard, are very advanced.
Towards the end of the sequence Tabard is introduced when his mother approaches Pete-Sec on the platform and informs him," Rene Tabard will report to school tomorrow as he has a broken heart tonight.
There's a remarkable scene in that film in which Antoine stands in front of his shaving mirror repeating the names of three people - the boss's wife he has fallen for, the girl he doesn't know he is going to marry, and himself - over and over: "Fabienne Tabard, Fabienne Tabard, Fabienne Tabard
Te Deum,'' Franz Welser-Most, conductor, Balduin Sulzer, chorus master, ``Dyson: The Canterbury Pilgrims, Overture: at the Tabard Inn, In Honour of the City,'' Richard Hickox, conductor, Malcolm Hicks, chorus master; ``Haydn: The Creation,'' John Eliot Gardiner, conductor; ``Paray: Mass for the 500th Anniversary of the Death of Joan of Arc,'' James Paul, conductor, Christopher Bell, chorus master.
Learner permit holder driving unaccompanied by qualified person Failure to display N Plate or tabard Contravention of ban on U-turns
We don't need a man in a high-vis tabard to keep us safe from a bonfire.
Emmerdale STV Kerry should wear a fluorescent tabard with "DANGER" emblazoned on it.
For older arts and craft fans there is also this wipe-clean PVC Miffy tabard available in red, blue and yellow for PS5.
No details have been revealed about Amanda's return to the soap, but publicity shots show her speaking to Dr Dylan Keogh, played by actor William Beck, and wearing a green hospital worker's tabard.