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the contraction of the chambers of the heart (especially the ventricles) to drive blood into the aorta and pulmonary artery

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Left ventricle obliteration during systole, visualized in the parasternal short axis view at the papillary muscle level, suggests hypovolemia (CHACKO & BRAR, 2014).
Type IIA: Cardio inhibition without a systole occurs when the heart rate falls to a ventricular rate below 40 bpm for longer than 10 seconds but a systole of shorter than 3 seconds does not occur.
Flow was seen through the defect during both systole and diastole excluding the possibility of tricuspid regurgitation artifact.
This assumption is based upon the fact that at rest the proportion between systolic and diastolic periods of the cardiac cycle is approximately 1/3 and 2/3 for the systole and the diastole respectively.
Myocardium, like all other muscles in the body during contraction manifests a state of inexcitabilitate, phase condition called refractory (unresponsive muscle contractions nor the strongest excitatory) so that during systole he did not answer excitations.
These structures did not communicate with another chamber and emptied during systole.
Left atrium (LA) is a reservoir for the LV during systole, a conduit [for blood to ow from pulmonary veins (PVs) to the LV] during early diastole and an active contractile chamber in late diastole.
The left ventricular wall of the heart is thicker than the right ventricular wall due to greater back pressure from the aorta during systole, and not because of the differences in the length of the pulmonary and systemic circuits, which is the current understanding.
There was no difference between the groups regarding left ventricular end-diastolic dimension, left ventricular end-systolic dimension, interventricular septum thickness in diastole, interventricular septum thickness in systole, left ventricular posterior wall thickness in diastole, left ventricular posterior wall thickness in systole, left atrium dimension, aortic dimension, ejection fraction, and fractional shortening.
MR is a vastly underserved condition in which the mitral valve leaflets fail to close properly, allowing backflow of blood from the left ventricle into the left atrium during systole.
The murmur is the result of ventricular outflow obstruction as the anterior mitral leaflet moves toward the ventricular septum in systole.
Systole, or contraction, is the phase in which the blood contained in the atrium or ventricle is ejected, and diastole, or relaxation, is the phase in which the atrium or ventricle fill with blood.
Myocardial velocities were measured in systole (Sm), early diastole (Em) and late diastole (Am) and the Em/Am ratio was calculated.
During atrial systole, the atria contract, and in ventricular systole the ventricles contract.
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