systemic circulation

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circulation that supplies blood to all the body except to the lungs

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1) D-transposition (d-TGA) is a cyanotic lesion characterized by inappropriate ventriculoarterial connections leading to parallel pulmonary and systemic circulations that is best surgically corrected very early in life.
Although the general arrangement of blood vessels in both circulations is from arteries to capillaries to veins, in some parts of the systemic circulation it is modified so that a vein or an arteriole is interposed between two capillary networks; these vessels constitute portal systems.
In summary, we suggest the following potential cellular mechanisms: (1) administration of EMPB attracts MSCs from the bone marrow or perivascular region into systemic circulation; (2) topical application of EMPB further directs the homing of MSCs from systemic circulation to the wound region; (3) mobilized MSCs proliferate and secrete various cytokines having proregenerative activities; and (4) cytokines activate skin cell types and consequently the activated skin cells, the differentiated cells from MSCs may thus remodel wounded tissues.
Upon deployment, the Watchman excludes the left atrial appendage from the systemic circulation.
Ultrasound of the abdomen usually reveals abnormal cystic or tubular, anechoic, serpiginous vascular structures communicating between portal venous structures and the systemic circulation.
The implication is that too little SV reaches the systemic circulation, giving rise to signs of poor perfusion and stimulation of the neuroendocrine response.
In these patients, the diminutive papillary muscles, the morphology of the tricuspid valve, and the single-vessel perfusion of the morphological right ventricle by the right coronary artery, make right ventricle inferior to left ventricle in the long-term maintenance of systemic circulation (5).
Similarly, the systemic vascular resistance in the systemic circulation represents the afterload on the left ventricle.
It was our hypothesis that in the systemic circulation SP-D may promote atherosclerosis," Sin stated.
A main attribute of nasal administration is the potential rapid delivery of drug into the systemic circulation.
Miglitol is readily absorbed into the systemic circulation, but it is not metabolized.
It is likely that radioiodine while in systemic circulation may cause some adverse effects on antioxidative enzymes present in red blood cells (RBCs).
Here they penetrate through the skin of a human host and enter the systemic circulation through the pulmonary capillaries.
At the heart of the drug lies MannKind's proprietary Technosphere molecule that can deliver not only insulin, but also a wide variety of other macromolecules into systemic circulation through the pulmonary route.
The researchers note that the cardiovascular effects resulting from SWCNT exposure could be either direct, as a result of translocation of particles from the lung into the systemic circulation, or indirect, caused by the release of inflammatory mediators in the lung or by altered pulmonary function (although no increase in several measured inflammatory mediators was detected in the exposed animals).