systemic circulation

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circulation that supplies blood to all the body except to the lungs

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SCFAs are absorbed into the systemic circulation and cross the blood-brain barrier.
Moreover, sodium laurate goes into systemic circulation and destroys the integrity of vascular walls, followed by serious and progressive in situ thrombosis and organ dysfunction.
2,4) Once periodontal pathogens reach the body's systemic circulation, these periodontal disease-causing bacteria induce systemic inflammatory products and increase cytokines in the brain.
If a topical eye drug must be used during pregnancy or lactation, teach the patient how to decrease the amount of drug reaching the systemic circulation.
In this case, however, the splenic hypodensities indicate that the embolization of the immature adult worm somehow entered the systemic circulation rather than remaining isolated to the pulmonary circulation.
4) In Type 1, there are no intrahepatic portal branches and all portal blood is diverted into the systemic circulation by end-to-side shunt.
If capacity of the lung is exceeded, air emboli may pass through pulmonary capillaries and enter systemic circulation.
Many medications such as antibiotics, peptides and protein, vaccine and gene based drugs, in general are delivered using this route due to their susceptible to enzymatic degradation or poor and inefficient absorption into the systemic circulation due to molecular size and charge, thus leading to their therapeutic effectiveness.
Then oxygenated pulmonary venous return is directed through the tricuspid valve for distribution via the right ventricle to the systemic circulation.
In summary, skin absorption, if assessed as required based on the physical-chemical properties of the compound of interest, should be conducted as part of safety tier to establish an understanding on the potential of a compound applied to skin to penetrate beyond the barrier into the systemic circulation and internal organs.
Systemic circulation conveys blood from the heart to other tissues of the body and from other tissues of the body to heart.
William Harvey, an English physician in the 1600s who is considered the first to describe in detail the systemic circulation and properties of blood being pumped to the brain and body by the heart.
It contains a reformulation of the drug dihydroergotamine mesylate (DHE) in a proprietary Tempo inhaler that allows DHE to be rapidly absorbed from the pleural mucosa into the systemic circulation.
These results indicate that EMPB also enhanced the homing of MSCs from systemic circulation to the wound site.
Endothelial cells serve as mediators between systemic circulation and particular organs, and the cytoskeleton in turn is crucial to regulation of internal function in any cell.