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an organizer who puts things in order

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The systematizers, analyzers, and phenomenologists do not want to be artists; they want to be scientists.
Thus from his own pre-Kantian phase, Reinhold progressed from expositor and popularizer to critical re-interpreter and systematizer of Kant, issuing in different versions of his own 'elementary philosophy' in the first half of the 1790s (see especially Bernecker's essay).
Zhao's tapes don't reveal him to have been much of a systematizer, however, since he never explains what intellectual influences brought him to those preferences (or how such influences were able to come to his attention in the first place).
And if you descend into the bowels of the various leviathans, why there you will not find distinctions a fiftieth part as available to the systematizer as those external ones already enumerated.
Better relations will be The cost of collecting the developed with systematizer required data will progress.
One of Kierkegaard's greatest twentieth-century admirers, his theological systematizer Karl Barth (the same Karl Barth who thought that the analogy of being is indeed the Catholic principle, and is the invention of the Antichrist), experienced conflict around the Mozart question.
If we consider Plotinus the genius behind the renewal, Porphyry was its first systematizer, interpreter, promoter, and chronicler.
This "formula" has a basis in psychoanalytic theory and resembles "the Lacanian 'persistence of the letter,' especially as developed by Lacan's disciple and systematizer Serge Lemaire.
David Hoffman, whom we have already discussed (169) and who recommended in the preface of his Legal Outlines that students read his work as an introduction to the Commentaries of Blackstone and Kent, (170) was another legal systematizer whose first organizing principle was a theistically grounded theory of natural law.
Even Frye, the great systematizer, agrees that criticism can only give knowledge about literature, which is quite different from actual literary experience felt on the pulse.
The lecture series honoring Vishnu Narayan Bhatkbande (18611-1936), the early-twentieth-century systematizer of North Indian music theory, was organized by the Indian Musicological Society and its director, R.
Bowne (1847-1910), considered the father and systematizer of American Personalism, underscored the importance of relationality or mutuality: the fact that all beings are conditioned in their activities by all other beings, such that no being exists in isolation.
When the great botanical systematizer Carl von Linne (Linnaeus) visited Lapland on a collecting expedition in 1732, he was fascinated by the indigenous population.
Even that hardheaded systematizer Thomas Aquinas conceded that at the end of the day our knowledge of God remains negative.
20] Although Akiba is generally considered the dominant personality of second century Judaism, a brilliant teacher and systematizer of halakha, it is Ishmael's thirteen hermeneutical principles which are recited in the morning liturgy as part of the prescribed daily minimum of Torah study in which every Jew should participate.
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