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  • verb

Synonyms for systematize

to put into a deliberate order

to arrange in an orderly manner

Synonyms for systematize

arrange according to a system or reduce to a system

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WHATEVER CPAs CAN DO TO SYSTEMATIZE the repetitive aspects of individual tax work and spread the workload over the year makes their lives easier and allows their firms to make more money.
To operate on recovery intelligence, the task force must collect, organize, systematize, analyze, and profile that intelligence at one location.
The only way to ensure the highest slurry performance and investment return is to systematize quality through a consistent, constant monitoring program.
We distil and systematize pipeline, financial, competitive product, mechanism of action, partnering, and patent information to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available.
Collect and systematize data on damaged land - the place, the area excavated levels, status, land ownership rights.
In an effort to systematize the process of learning how to listen, speech-language pathologists McDonald and Shaw-King have reworked their previous series of books for preschool to grade six into one volume and have incorporated new research on how children learn to listen and understand what they are hearing.
Hydro-Quebec has been engaged since 1997 in the implementation of ISO 14001-compliant environmental management systems, in order to systematize good environmental practices in the company.
His real achievement--the one for which he will be remembered through the ages--is his unerring ability to systematize a library of medicine into a few volumes that are at once logical and useful.
Odem places her local study in the context of the national purity crusade and Progressive era efforts to systematize juvenile justice.
Insights and explanations dart and glance about in a pattern that illuminates but does not systematize.
of Rio de Janeiro) show how some simple ideas from control theory can be used to systematize a class of approaches to algorithm analysis and design.
The initial programs for delinquent children emerged out of early 19th-century efforts to systematize poor relief end pauperism by instilling self-discipline in the poor.