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a biologist who specializes in the classification of organisms into groups on the basis of their structure and origin and behavior

an organizer who puts things in order

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Systematists now basically agree on the core of the species concept, which is the identification of a common evolutionary line distinct from other evolutionary lines.
At the same time, a tally of papers on flowers versus those on wood in journals such as Evolution or Systematic Biology shows that while legions of evolutionary biologists and systematists see interesting issues in flowers, only a handful consider wood.
1987]), weevils have a more extensive infrastructure of resources for systematics, that is, collections, keys, checklists, and working systematists (see references in O'Brien and Wibmer 1982; Wibmer and O'Brien 1986, 1989).
Ideally, the construction of a cockroach phylogeny should be conducted by an insect systematist.
It devotes most attention, however to al-Mu'mun in Baghdad and the flowering of Mu'tazilite theology, covering Ma'mun's intellectual profile: intellectual life at court in Baghdad, the great Mu'tazilite systematists Abu l-Hudhayl and Nazzam, and the mihna.
Genus Amaranthus is often difficult to characterize taxonomically, due to few distinguishing characters among its species, small and difficult-to-see diagnostic parts, broad geographical distribution, large number of hybrid forms, complicating the taxonomy and thus has generally been considered by systematists as a "difficult" genus (Costea & DeMason, 2001).
Baracktrema obamai will endure as long as there are systematists studying these remarkable organisms," Platt said in the (http://www.
This checklist is intended to provide basic information on the regional grasshopper fauna, expand the current knowledge of species occurrences, and serve as a basis for systematists interested in revisionary and biogeographic.
The Legal Realists saw themselves as systematists, but in a functionalist sense.
Mormotomyia hirsuta has long been of great interest to Diptera systematists and conservation biologists (Courtney et al.
Systematists, as well as taxonomists, identify, describe, and classify organisms.
Solving the relationships among taxa in complexes that have experienced these phenomena presents a unique challenge for systematists, and an opportunity to increase our understanding of phylogenetic conflict and the historical processes it represents (Sessa et al.
Although most fungal systematists can readily distinguish Clavariadelphus from other clavarioid, cantharelloid, craterelloid or gomphoid members of Aphyllophorales (Donk, 1933; Corner, 1950, 1970; Wells and Kempton 1968; Petersen, 1972; Petersen et al.