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Synonyms for systematic

Synonyms for systematic

arranged or proceeding in a set, systematized pattern

Synonyms for systematic

characterized by order and planning

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of or relating to taxonomy

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Since 1989, there has been ever-increasing use of systematic reviews as a research method.
This article begins by reviewing the logic for greater uptake of systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses in policy analysis.
Systematic Alpha Management (SAM) has been trading the Systematic Alpha Intraday Program live on the dbSelect platform, the company said.
Practicing and teaching nurses describe systematic review, an approach to keeping up with the latest research findings in a certain area that looks at all the finding on a particular topic and incorporates them as far as possible into research and experiential and contextual evidence.
The volume is comprised of three parts: two essays introducing the volume's theme; five from the perspective of biblical theology; and five from the perspective of systematic theology; plus a bibliography of G.
If there were such a thing as a "default" income planning strategy, systematic withdrawals might be it.
Writing systematic review in English language is challenging for those whose first language is other than English and those who are not primarily trained on writing skill such as medical doctors.
Four articles in this issue demonstrate effective adaptation of the methodology of systematic reviews to environmental health science (Johnson et al.
A report on the torture and killing of thousands of detainees in Syria are horrific and suggest systematic violations by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the US State Department said.
Rubin & Bellamy, 2012), the most reliable evidence about intervention effectiveness is found in the form of systematic reviews.
Comprehensive Systematic Reuieiu for Advanced Nursing Practice addresses the basic concepts of systematic reviews and their relationship to clinical practice and policy.
Level III: Systematic review of correlational/observational studies
The preferred means of summarizing the literature that addresses a particular question topic is now the systematic review, an approach designed to minimize the biases inherent in the review process while at the same time improving the utility of the literature synthesis for the practitioner.
Finding what works in health care; standards for systematic reviews.
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