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a primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound together

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That's a tall order to complement, but the Worcester Chamber Music Society came up with a program of three pieces that did just that, augmenting the timelessness of Spero's haunting montage with a selection of string quartets by Schubert and Mendelssohn, and Claude Debussy's Syrinx.
We could have talked about how the Temple of Syrinx player payroll of $1.
Concerning the ritualistic dance of the Amazons of Ephesus, one of Callimac's comments is useful: "Hippo fulfilled her rites and the Amazons danced around the idol the dance of weapons, the dance of shields, then the group spread into a circle; the shrill and light sound of the Syrinx guided their steps, so that these would hit the ground all at the same time .
uk TUESDAY Syrinx Performing on a wide array of double reed instruments ranging from shawms and dulcians to the oboe and bassoon.
Washington, January 8 ( ANI ): High-field magnetic resonance imaging and micro-computed tomography have been used to construct stunning high resolution, 3D, images, as well as a data set "morphome" of the zebra finch vocal organ, the syrinx.
This program will focus on birds' unique organ, the syrinx, and the other adaptations for acoustical communication birds have made over the last 400 years.
72) In an exceptional scene at the end of Book Two, Pan's aretai are manifest through an entire night and into the following day: he causes great commotion for the Methymnaean soldiers (Longus 2,25,3-26), and his instrument, the syrinx, rings out (Longus 2,26,3).
Minimal diffuse T2 prolongation (Figure 1) was seen in the enlarged region without evidence of a focal mass or syrinx.
I posit that the painting is a pastoral mise-en-abyme that echoes the story of Pan and Syrinx introduced in Chapter X through the representation of the sampogna and goes to the heart of the genesis of the pastoral mode, inciting the reader to observe the parallel use of ekphrasis in order further to elucidate the nature of Arcadia.
Here, we report the first case in the literature of a patient with paraplegia due to primary extradural hydatid cyst who developed a syrinx after surgery.
45pm) and the immense Tchaikovsky Piano Trio - the Goulds' recent recording of which was BBC Music Magazine's Chamber Music CD of the Month in February - preceded by two Debussy works, Syrinx and Danses sacree at profane, and Mozart's Flute Quartet in D major, K285 (August 7, 7.
Established in 2005, by Syrinx Technologies, MyBusiness provides cloud-based CRM, project management and timesheet software solutions to a global clientele from a broad range of business sectors.