synthetic substance

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a compound made artificially by chemical reactions

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Joel Tovera, chief of the NBI anti-illegal drug unit, said under the Dangerous Drugs Act, the synthetic substances are not listed as prohibited drugs so anyone caught with them cannot be prosecuted.
The majority stated the distance between a synthetic substance and a synthetic drug was crucial because a synthetic substance may be used for medical purposes and not immediately deemed criminal, as opposed to a synthetic drug that carries criminal consequences.
According to Baluken, bonzai is a deadly synthetic substance that drug addicts resort to using when they cannot find cannabis or heroin.
Thus, synthetic substance use can interfere with daily life by affecting the senses.
Al-Aween had also organised the first regional conference on young people and the dangers of synthetic substance misuse.
Spice--also known as K2, Red Ball, Blowout, and Chill--is a synthetic substance that produces effects similar to those of marijuana.
Synthetic substance that supposedly mimics the pheromones emitted by a mother dog while she's nursing puppies, with the biological effect of calming the puppies.
Florence Shapiro, R-Plano, said earlier this year that she intends to file legislation to ban K2, a synthetic substance that mimics the effects of marijuana but is currently legal.
As the scientists report in the journal Angewandte Chemie, they were able to use this synthetic substance to attract spiders in the field with a pheromone for the first time.
When these methods are not effective and a suitable non-synthetic substance is not available, growers may consult the National List for allowed synthetic substances.
Last week's remarkable events, involving an over-the-counter synthetic substance that in human prescriptions is used to stave off miscarriages, have still to take their official course, but so far they have done nothing to endear Janiak to the Hong Kong authorities.
The toys are made from a highly elastic synthetic substance and have a ball at one end and a strap with a finger loop at the other.
Tumor cells express the receptor for the synthetic substance while normal cells do not.
Ronaldo's boots have a sole made of fibre glass, with the rest made of a top secret synthetic substance developed by Nike.
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