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The second biomechanically determined factor in written communication is a further argument against the idea that writing is a transformation of speech into the visual insofar as writing involves space and, more precisely, the organization of graphic space, thereby allowing for a syntagmatics of writing that is distinct from that of speech.
Harris discusses this case together with a number of others of a related nature, including examples drawn from advertising and nonalphabetic writing as well as from graphic objects such as maps and charts and even the three-dimensional system of Braille writing, the aim being to identify the graphically-determined fundamentals of the syntagmatics of writing.
Harris notes that the use of duplex signs in written communication is "a very general" point that the writing of languages shares with other forms of visual communication such as musical scores and mathematical equations, for the duplex sign is a contributing factor in the organization and economy of semiological space and thus constitutes one of the fundamentals of the syntagmatics of writing.
In his discussion of transmission codes and the syntagmatics of the texts, he highlights the work of Liverani (for Hittite as well as Assyrian sources), Zaccagnini, and Fales, and builds on their signal contribution with understanding.
The body of the text is followed by a long section of endnotes (more than sixty pages), a very full bibliography, an appendix, "Joshua 9-12, Text, Translation, Notes and Syntagmatic Analysis," and, finally, indices.