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of or relating to or conforming to the rules of syntax


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Both entities can be syntactically represented by an independent pronoun atta, and by the infinitive dummuqum respectively.
In the current study we examine syntactically ambiguous declarative and imperative utterances to identify prosodic differences at the local level associated with the pitch accent on the verb.
These are syntactically similar to the locative variant in the locative alternation, for which Pinker posits the semantic structure shown below.
To help application developers streamline the development process, NEON and Contivo have partnered to deliver a common vocabulary between semantically similar but syntactically different data items.
Recognizing this rhetorical pattern will give us an unexpected interpretation of an apparently banal, if somewhat syntactically irregular passage in Y.
Commonly, event verbs are distinguished by two negative criteria from nonevent verbs: (a) they are syntactically incompatible with adverbs that specify the duration, the beginning point, or the endpoint of the interval t to which they relate, and (b) they do not have the "subinterval property.
Validation Wizards automate the transformation process, ensuring logically sound and syntactically correct data models.
Contract-driven development methodology generating services that are syntactically and semantically well formed.
Thus, the relative participle appears in three syntactically distinct contexts: relative clauses (ex.
The Syntactica Engine, a natural language processing system, syntactically and semantically analyzes text to extract important passages.
The new version simplifies this process using an innovative new rules editor that implements a simple point-and-click technique to build syntactically correct rules.
A few mouse clicks create a syntactically correct function call in the script, saving time and reducing the possibility of typing errors.
Snell examines and isolates four types of repetition: whole verses with variations in spelling (6 sets); half verses with differences of spelling (20 sets of half verses with a single dissimilar word and 22 sets with two different words); half verses repeated in a whole verse with each word in the half verse occurring in the whole verse; and syntactically related verses.
OpenVision Content Creator checks that all content is syntactically correct and complete to ensure a high level of accuracy in transmission.
OEW's Symbolic Parser imports any kind of C++ code, including: Code generated by other design tools, incomplete projects or even syntactically incorrect code.