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presenting or taking the same point of view


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We have found that this format, although redundant with the immediately preceding narrative diagnosis and comment, allows us to synoptically record in 1 place the same information that is found in several different areas of the narrative report, is readable, becomes easier to fill out with practice, and allows us to reconsider each of the diagnostic variables.
In the compendium, 63 schemes of the UGC have been synoptically profiled, covering the objectives of each scheme, the criteria for becoming eligible to receive financial assistance from the UGC, the operational tenure of the scheme and the process of selection followed in approving the proposals, and finally the quantum of financial assistance that can be provided to execute the scheme.
Max Maven's synoptically heartfelt tribute (Genii -July-2010) was a capturing, aerial snapshot of Martin's prolificacy--a full-swoop overview.
For several of the elements showing higher concentrations in farmed soils with accompanying evidence of surface enrichment, sources are well known, and are only discussed here synoptically.
In Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian versions synoptically arranges, with collations exhibiting all the readings in all the MSS.
Thus for all the insistence on synoptically consistent depictions of grotesquerie in critical approaches to Himes, we also encounter repeated attempts to account for the basic, methodical rituals occurring after life has ended.
For synoptically using is define function and interval computation sign and every classical algebraic of arithmetic are with interval.
This was the most northerly station at which synoptically classified weather data were available.
As people receive maps synoptically, all at once, their perception of each map symbol is affected by its relationships with the other map symbols and features.
Exposures of each shellfish species to each harmful alga, the Rhodomonas control, and the mix of the two, were done synoptically, selecting shellfish haphazardly from the same population acclimated together.
The "continuous manuscript" text is displayed synoptically by a diacritical system of notation that analyzes its layers of growth.
In order for each participant to construct an unbiased model of the overall communicative situation, both local and remote locations need to be perceptible synoptically and synacoustically.
26) The present absorbs the past and uses it in order to birth the future, so that all three time-referents may be said, when viewed synoptically, to function simultaneously.
Here everything is bettered in some respect by something else, so that to all appearances it would result that nothing is synoptically and comprehensively all-in best.