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presenting or taking the same point of view


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Synoptically, in 1977 the District Court determined that the state of Missouri had not done enough to desegregate schools in the Kansas City, Missouri School District (KCMSD).
Although Canadian officialdom's new emphasis on militarism has certainly begun to attract scholarly attention, it is also urgent to think more synoptically, about both the sheer diversity of the reshaping of identity underway in Conservative Canada and about the overarching role of history in the enterprise.
We could synoptically write that Paul or Saul of Tarsus came from the Jewish tribe of Benjamin, had been circumcised on the eighth day in accordance with Jewish tradition, and after a strict orthodox Jewish upbringing had joined the sect of the Pharisees.
Consequently, it adjusts the weighting of the variables to determine the best topology and the synoptically most advantageous makeup of the neural network and the optimal number of hidden layers to be deployed in the process.
Models for carrying out such activities may be selected on individual basis, and activities may be carried out synoptically.
After all, to theorize the culturally complex sites of rap music and Hip Hop self-consciousness, one must be grounded analytically and synoptically.
This summer, curator MASSIMILIANO GIONI throws his hat into the ring with the Fifty-Fifth Venice Biennale, synoptically titled "The Encyclopedic Palace.
Unlike the other researchers from abroad option, who framed instruments of study for this problem limited to the synoptically charts of indexes for intangibles, from which the "Intangible Assets Monitor" is determinant, this doctoral dissertation prefers the calculation method, which evaluates the company's value added by a single cipher, made by the difference between the market value and the accountant assets (re-evaluated).
A connection between the elevated levels of sediment-dispersed extraterrestrial chromite and fossil meteorites from Kinnekulle, and the Osmussaar Breccia, was synoptically discussed by Suuroja et al.
The nature of the neighborhood and the partnership is described in more detail in "The Neighborhood Story" below, but synoptically, the dance project was part of a community-university partnership to reclaim the culture and stability of the neighborhood which had suffered serious decline due to urban renewal, unemployment, loss of the commercial base, and an increase in street crime and violence.
2) an Appendix, where the 5 German originals and the corresponding new translations are re-composed and presented synoptically, facing each other.
Whereas Sarris forges, via his own aesthetic judgments, a hierarchy of auteurs, and argues his cases for each, Detweiler subscribes to vox populi, in the form of Internet Movie Database (IMDb) surveys of the top movies of the twenty-first century, which guides him to the forty-five films he closely examines synoptically.
Acoustic-trawl surveys, conducted periodically and synoptically over the scales of the stocks, can simultaneously provide biomass estimates of multiple actively managed and monitored species, accurately track their distributions and demographics, and provide estimates of recruitment and mortality.
We have found that this format, although redundant with the immediately preceding narrative diagnosis and comment, allows us to synoptically record in 1 place the same information that is found in several different areas of the narrative report, is readable, becomes easier to fill out with practice, and allows us to reconsider each of the diagnostic variables.
In the compendium, 63 schemes of the UGC have been synoptically profiled, covering the objectives of each scheme, the criteria for becoming eligible to receive financial assistance from the UGC, the operational tenure of the scheme and the process of selection followed in approving the proposals, and finally the quantum of financial assistance that can be provided to execute the scheme.