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Synonyms for synonymy

the semantic relation that holds between two words that can (in a given context) express the same meaning

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For example, after using Synonymy Hint 1 (S1), Synonymy Hint 2 (S2) and the Chinese hint (C), then they will get a wrong answer (N) to the question; this series of behaviors was, thus, coded as S1S2CN.
Rhyme and synonymy are based on at least one if not the majority of these dictionaries: OED ([dagger]), Websters 3rd.
Burmeister (1847) synonymy is also followed in the catalogue of Gemminger & Harold (1868), but they probably did not examine specimens and only accepted the proposal of Burmeister.
In order to overcome the influence of this negative factor brought by synonymy and ambiguity of visual words, many researchers have made lots of explorations and attempts.
Suppose that there is a miserable student MS who was absent when Salmon introduced this synonymy (see footnote 6 above), and thereby lacks this piece of belief.
We will try to illustrate some semantic relationships between terms by presenting a complex relation of synonymy and some relevant terms, together with some explanatory examples extracted from different types of texts.
indeed, the hue's synonymy with absence, melancholy, and transcendence is perhaps epitomized by Derek Jarman's final film, Blue (1993)--its saturated ultramarine projection echoing the filmmaker's experience of going blind.
The potential of an assault on YouTube's synonymy with video will be fulfilled as long as social purpose is leveraged during content creation.
I analyze Aristotle's conditions for a synonymy of predication and compare them with the condition for a non-homonymy of predication in the Argument from Relatives of "On Ideas".
Synonymy will play a vital role in the identification process.
3) In addition to synonymy, antonym, hypernym, hyponym, meronym, holonym of nouns, and synonymy, antonym, hypernym, troponym, entailment of verbs, correlation between words is a useful reference in query expansion.
In order to reveal the best approaches that the translator can use in order to choose between synonymy and polysemy in the language of law, a corpus-driven study on the lexis of legal English was conducted in an endeavor to automatically extract the specialized vocabulary.
Very surprisingly, the only word in the Synonymy section for this species is "None".