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Synonyms for synonymity

the semantic relation that holds between two words that can (in a given context) express the same meaning

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However, it is more and more common nowadays to emphasize that synonymous mutation is actually capable of creating serious biological effects, as the synonymity is not always equal with being phenotypically neutral, especially in the molecular scope (Nackley et al.
The image conveys a visual message, making the settlement of synonymity between image and its visual representation possible.
While his definition of self-regulation generally seems to indicate synonymity with laissez-faire economic policy, some parts of TGT (for example, page 155) point in a completely different direction, suggesting not so much the absence of regulation as the broader idea of economic liberalism as the "institution of supply and demand" (Gemici, 2008, page 15); that is, the institutionalization of the market mechanism as the central organizational principle of society (McCarthy and Prudham, 2004).
The real name of "Hocus Pocus" was William Vincent and this synonymity was first recorded by by J.
However for EAL/D learners this may simply cause more confusion if their synonymity is not made explicit.
Instead we hear about Marxism being 'full democracy', 'the synonymity of Marxian socialism and democracy' and democracy being 'integral' to the revolutionary process.
Medium specificity was developed with reference to arts in which it might have been feasible to identify one singular 'medium' as the art form's essence (thus the synonymity between medium and art), as Osipovich suggested.
HIV synonymity with SSA still remains because SSA accounts for most cases of new infections and AIDS-related deaths (15).
It is here, then, that the Lacanian Real displays its affinity, indeed its synonymity, with the term trauma--according to Lacan, our entire experience of reality ultimately turns on the repression of the Real and on how something conforms to our fantasies, images and symbolic codes, an 'encounter with the Real' is one of the privileged names in Lacanian (and Zizekian) theory for a traumatic event, an event outside the range of usual human experience, which cannot be integrated into our symbolic universe and persists as the 'hard kernel' of the Real on which our reality 'chokes'.
The following analysis should show whether such synonymity is really the case.
Aczel challenges the synonymity of voice and instance, asserting in his 1998 article, "Hearing Voices in Narrative Texts," that Genette's concept of voice is limited because it does not establish how a narrator speaks and is thus "inherently deaf to qualitative factors such as tone and idiom" (468).
Tess's lush sexuality thoroughly upset contemporary readers for whom the synonymity of voluptousness and purity was nothing short of a Hardyan hoax".
The meaning of the Latin terms, dines and terminus, signifying "end" and limes, signifying "boundary," account for the synonymity, in the terminology of classical metaphysics, of the technical terms definitio, determinatio, and delimitatio with "nature" and "essence.
The term "body" assumes specific connotations in feminist terminology since a brief glimpse at the history of women's positions depicts the near synonymity that has grossly equated women with their bodies alone.
Some Tamils may find it difficult to assimilate with the Sinhalese after decades of political advocacy where Tamil politicians promoted synonymity of Tamil nationalism with ethnic oriented empowerment through some form of self government in the Northern and Eastern provinces of the country.