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a drug that augments the activity of another drug

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In this study, cinnamon oil obtained from plants was used as a synergist to enhance the insect control potential of rotenone.
Test design of fixed dispersed oil suspension formulation mesotrione TC (15%), OF-3472 (3%) dispersant and emulsifier OF-3468 (20%), SK04 (1%) thickener, stabilizer MF-33 (2%): 6300, a synergist (Beijing Green time), BH-75 (Guangzhou Lanfeng) quality scores were 1%, 2%, 3%, with a solvent filled to 100% methyl oleate, the measurement of different types and amount of initiator on dispersed oil suspension show effect, the results (Table 6) showed that the amount of 3% to 6300, dispersed oil suspension agent and the best penetration and development; effect the best test results.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 30, 2011-Albemarle Corporation partners with Louisiana State University to develop new techniques in flame retardant and synergist analysis(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The collaboration has resulted in new methods of increasing 3-D visualisation of flame retardant and synergist components, using element specific X-ray tomography.
Perkalite acts as a flame retardant synergist, enabling the reduction of ATH or MDH in a compound or achieving more stringent flame retardant ratings.
A Commander and Synergist role, for example, allows one character to launch melee attacks, while the other uses magic to aid the party in combat.
Specifically, one area of research in which the Frozen Food Foundation is interested is the use of commercial freezing as a bacterial "hurdle" along with some synergist, physical or chemical.
Synergist Express functionality includes web-based timesheet recording, purchasing, job costing, invoicing and expenses, converting the information into a range of reports to give a complete real-time overview of the business.
a heavy exposure to an insecticidal synergist may make a person vulnerable to a variety of toxic insults that would normally be easily tolerated.
Animals were subjected to sham surgeries (Con) or functionally overloaded by bilateral synergist ablation of the gastrocnemius muscle for 3-days (OV).
There is no added RF or synergist and no special plated thru-hole treatments required.
Above average gains will also be registered by antimony oxide (a synergist usually used in concert with brominated compounds), magnesium hydroxide and phosphorus compounds.
Civil rights activist Rosa Parks becomes a synergist, guest-starring on ``Touched by an Angel'' (8 p.