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Synonyms for syneresis

the contraction of two vowels into a diphthong


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the separation of liquid from a gel that is caused by contraction (as in cheese making)

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Additional rheology and syneresis experiments were conducted to help conclude which type of phase separation was present in each sample.
The rate of syneresis during storage significantly increased (p<0.
2-1 [micro]m), iii) inter-cluster rearrangements (size in casein gels ~1-40 [micro]m), and iv) syneresis (macroscopic).
The syneresis values Table (2) measured by either the drainage or centrifugation mothods showed that fermented milk fortified with CH, WPC and GMP (T2, T3 and T4) respectively, exhibited less syneresis than that fortified with L-Ascorbic acid (T1) and control one.
The larger radius of the thin liquid film means prolongation of the time of its syneresis (Radoev et al.
Syneresis is taking place in the dispersed system in consequence of the change of the balance of interparticle interaction forces.
Previous workers interpreted the Kokomo Limestone as a product of an intertidal and subtidal environment, or reported the presence of syneresis cracks to argue for a restricted lagoon and intertidal environment.
The process is called syneresis, which sounds like the model name of a new hybrid car, but really just means separating the liquid from a gel.
In products requiring a long shelf-life and/or low temperature storage, it delays the onset of syneresis and gelling, while preserving end-product quality and premium texture.
Moreover, an iambic tetrameter line, in some cases, can be scanned as a nine-syllable line, depending on whether or not one decides to read an occasionally ambiguous word as a syneresis.
Increase in impact properties, therefore, indicated some kind of syneresis between CTBN particles with ECN and formation of a specially ordered matrix which was mechanically stronger than thermoset alone.
Additionally, it exhibits the novel property of syneresis, or shrinkage, that significantly enhances its safety profile in neurological applications.
The finished products are hydrophobic, thermally reversible and without syneresis.
The problems of traditionally fermented milk products in the rural areas of developing countries have been investigated and they include lack of consistent technology, problems of hygiene, sanitation, short shelf life, syneresis, variable sensory qualities and unattractive presentation to the consumers [2].