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Synonyms for synecdochical

using the name of a part for that of the whole or the whole for the part


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In fact, Hittite itself provides an example of how a name for a body part can be construed through a synecdochical combination of two parts, namely, a copulative compound sakuissa- that likely means 'face' and is formed from saku- 'eye' and ass-liss- 'mouth'.
Nowhere has the synecdochical link between cinematography and modernity been so concretely spelled out and given a correlative objective in history and space.
Photography, presented in the novel as synecdochical for the technological revolution sweeping across America, is portrayed as an ineffectual tool for social change.
The physical remainder, the "angry inch," appears to be a synecdochical indication of a penis, but in the logic of Hedwig it loses its maleness and ends up pointing to femaleness.
Wilson does admit that "on the surface, the BOOM STICK monologue [a synecdochical scene characteristic of the film as a whole] is absurd and intended to be comedic," but he insists on a depth of meaning "beneath the surface" which is difficult to imagine (87).
In this way, indeed, by virtue alone of the fact that they sing a song that is both an aria and a duet at the same time, the synthesized aria/duet is synecdochical of the very notion of counter-memory.
Nighttime and its synecdochical figures such as shadows assume a monstrously "tender" aspect in these passages.
27) A decade later, Roland Penrose conflated the identification of Miller as statue and as synecdochical torso in a series of photographs that posed her as the mirror-image of a sculpture of her own torso.
In this way Renucci would appear to negate the synecdochical dimension mentioned above and, at the same time, to preclude any possible interpretation beyond the purely geographical.
synecdochical collage of the desired object; idealization entails a
Throughout much of the 20th century, DNA was often characterized as the primary component of cellular communication, creating a synecdochical relationship between the genome and all of molecular biology.
The Native, King implies, is synecdochical with American history.
Because these perceptions were connected with shifting British attitudes to Russia as a whole, the story moves beyond the biographical to take on a synecdochical meaning.
In the end, however, I tend to judge the effectiveness of my analytic work solely on the basis of how well it reflects my own understanding of the music, whether presented in a note-by-note or some synecdochical form.
Consequently, the possibility of understanding the forces of history in a given society is aborted, simply because it is a synecdochical configuration, whereby the parts (a social formation, or several) are taken for the whole (the totality of the social spectrum).