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Some newspapers also used headlines such as "Hyon Song-wol Syndrome in PyeongChang," describing the people's keen interest in the North Korean artist who visited the South last week to prepare for the performance of a North Korean art troupe during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics to open on Feb.
Insulin resistance is present in majority of people with the metabolic syndrome.
The drums are beating" may be used as a wake-up call for all stakeholders, including patients, the community, physician from all specialties, and policy-makers, to encourage early detection and prevention of the syndrome As ethnospecific cut offs for definition of metabolic syndrome gain universal acceptance,6 we hope that this linguo-specific apronym will achieve popularity, across South Asia, and in the South Asia diaspora.
It is a well-described genetic syndrome characterized by anal, ear,
Individuals with Down syndrome may have a greater incidence of certain health complications than the average person.
NPeople with the syndrome will have a degree of learning difficulty.
And while it's not a direct cause of diabetes, metabolic syndrome is a strong predictor of the disease.
Asperger syndrome is beginning to receive nearly as much scientific attention as autism does.
Cardiopulmonary manifestations of the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
As expected, the metabolic syndrome was more common in the obese and overweight than in people who were normal-weight.
In the low-inflammation group, we really don't see any effect of the metabolic syndrome over time on cognitive decline," said Dr.
Of people with metabolic syndrome, 35% had high systemic inflammation, as defined by a serum C-reactive protein of at least 2.
People with the Clouston syndrome have characteristic thin, dry hair, and thick nails that are often discolored (Figure Two).
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