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Restless Legs Syndrome Therapeutics, Global, Clinical Trials by Region, 2014* 7
Down Syndrome Education International works to improve education for young people with Down syndrome through scientific research and evidence-based information and support services.
When the understanding of a syndrome becomes more advanced and treatment options improve, the syndrome moves away from being facilitator of stigma and towards being a facilitator of awareness.
NToday, people with Down's syndrome can look forward to a life of 60 years plus.
This is particularly important if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal condition that often affects fertility, since women with the condition are 11 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome than those without.
Other evidence suggests that people with Asperger syndrome focus on details and miss the larger picture, especially in social situations.
The incubation period of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
Baseline cognitive function, which was assessed using the Modified Mini-Mental State Exam (3MS), was not significantly different between individuals with metabolic syndrome and those without the syndrome.
Levin LS and Jorgenson RJ: Oto-dental dysplasia--a previously undescribed syndrome.
Rehabilitation counselors can assist individuals during this diagnostic period by becoming educated themselves about post-polio syndrome, helping to educate the client, and by being supportive and acting as an advocate for the individual within the medical realm.
This booklet answers general questions about Marfan syndrome.
There is also an expanding body of evidence showing that multiple forms of cancer, including breast cancer, kidney cancer and colorectal cancer, among a potential list of others, are diseases that are associated with obesity and the high insulin levels of Syndrome X.
Psychologists called this newly discovered phenomenon the Stockholm Syndrome.
Waardenburg syndrome (WS) is an inherited disorder often characterized by varying degrees of hearing loss and changes in skin and hair pigmentation.
If you haven't heard of Turner's syndrome, you're not alone.
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