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one appointed to represent a city or university or corporation in business transactions

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54) Par << affaires de fabrique >>, on entend ici les individus ayant occupes les charges de marguillier, de syndic paroissial, de secretaire ou de procureur de la fabrique.
Given our debt to Gierke in general for reviving interest in Althusius and mine in particular for his schematic of the Dicaeologicae, it seems fitting to allow him a final opportunity to shed light on the significance of the syndic of Emden's whole body of law:
Thus, when communities had sufficient resolve and resources to inform the intendant or a syndic of the Estates of rulings they thought were unjust, the intendant or syndic would often have the local court overruled and the grievances redressed.
Il ne devrait pas non plus repondre de ses actes a un president de comite de discipline nomme et paye par le Gouvernement et assiste d'un secretaire nomme et paye par le Gouvernement, devant qui il serait poursuivi par un syndic nomme et paye par le Gouvernement.
This practice was modified in an edict of 1560, which stipulated that the two lay elders drawn from the Small Council need not include a ruling syndic.
A sneer at Beda's works and at the syndic himself is implied: Bedda, Erasmus jeers in a letter, trium phs over resumptions of his faculty and regards the rest of the world as blockheads ("Sic ornatus incedit et triumphat resumptis quasi mundus non habeat nisi fungos," Ep.
A ce point de l'observation, il appartiendrait aux services publics concernes de favoriser et d'obliger les habitants de tout batiment a organiser la gestion de leurs immeubles par la designation d'un syndic y residant ou avoir recours a un agent exterieur du meme ordre.
De tels permis ont une tres grande valeur et il n'est donc pas etonnant que le syndic de faillite ainsi que la banque a titre de creancier garanti se tournent vers les tribunaux afin d'obtenir gain de cause.
Elle mise, egalement, sur la rehabilitation du syndic, des concierges, qui, aujourd'hui, ont completement disparu.
Animant une conference de presse, hier, au siege de l'Union generale des commercants et artisans algeriens, Haddadi a pointe d'un doigt accusateur l'absence du syndic et du concierge dans les immeubles.
Kota Kinabalu: Opus Publications; hbk, no price listed; ISBN 978-983-3987-23-8; xxviii + 579pp + 22pp of plates and an endpaper pullout map; first published in 1953 by The Syndics of The Cambridge University Press, London.
1965-66) first as a found-footage loop that the projectionist would interrupt after eleven minutes with an advertisement specifically, a shot of Rembrandt's Syndics as it appears inside Dutch Masters cigar boxes; later he would reconfigure the work as a two-screen piece with the image on the left flipped so that the half face at the frame edge became a third figure when the two projections overlapped.
Critics applauded the series: this provides a new perspective and tells of the conclusion of the war with the Syndics, where Geary has been promoted to Fleet Admiral with a newly christened First Fleet to command.