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the surgical fixation of a joint which is intended to result in bone fusion

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Subex Ltd, a provider of OSS/BSS solutions for communications service providers, announced on Thursday (15 May) the availability of its WiMAX-enabled Syndesis Express solution, designed to help operators to quickly and efficiently define and deliver value-added services over WiMAX.
The pair of leggings in Figure 1 is one of the final examples of Blackfeet beadwork that effect a syndesis of Blackfeet sacred concepts.
Importantly, syndesis flees excavation from secluded modernist interiors and opens the way for explorations which involve communal forms of expression such as musical performance, storytelling, and dance.
But his syndesis of intellect and the natural world, inevitably partial, leads him to settle into a place where he "wait[s] for [the deer] to come within [his] range" while believing that his wait is "not a question of time.
His background includes a variety of senior leadership and executive roles with CGI, Bell Canada, Syndesis and most recently as Vice President of Global Operations for Redknee, where his responsibilities included all aspects of post sales operational execution.
According to the company, the new DIM Practice offerings combine best-practice consulting services with the company's data integrity product, Syndesis TrueSource.
Charles Joseph Minard, prefecto del Sena, -como Haussmann en el siglo XVIII-, hizo una serie de diagramas muy importantes en la historia del diseno grafico, sobre los que me base para extraer una idea que he llamado syndesis (en griego), que significa conectar.
US West is speeding the provisioning of its DSL services by using NetProvision Activator software from Syndesis, Ltd.
The contribution of The Chaneysville Incident to the American canon is its presentation--and use--of Yoruba syndesis to avoid both the inescapable entrapment of Faulknerian history and the implacable dualism of history in Morrison's Tar Baby.
NetProvision and NetOptimizer represent what was previously the Syndesis business covering the provisioning and activation domains.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-8 November 2007-Swisscom deploys Syndesis Business Ethernet Fulfillment solution from Subex Azure(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The reconciliation of Euro-American and African-American literacies becomes possible in the novel through the process of Yoruban syndesis, through the accessibility of one's ancestors.
Acquired by QinetiQ); Vallent (Acquired by IBM); Syndesis (Acquired by Subex) and Navic (Acquired by Microsoft).
Alcatel-Lucent is to support the delivery of broadband IP services over its IP service routing portfolio, using the Syndesis NetProvision software solution from Subex Azure, a provider of OSS solutions for telecomms operators.