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unite (beliefs or conflicting principles)


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As Todd Hartch relates in his article, Ivan Illich was convinced that American Christianity was so utterly and irredeemably syncretized as to disqualify its citizens from authentic missionary vocation.
These include religious beliefs that were syncretized into Christianity as well as medical knowledge and social structure.
In the most significant recent treatment of Southey's influential work, White argues that the Orientalism of this Arabic and Spencerian epic is best seen not through Said's Foucauldian lens but rather from a Gramscian perspective that can recognize syncretized solidarities between marginalized "Mohammedans" and Dissenting minorities within England.
The Virgin is syncretized with Oshun (also spelled Ochun), the goddess of womanly love, marriage, and rivers (including, perhaps, the Gulf Stream--that river in the sea).
Ahh, could it be better to open one's own (authentic) pho (noodle) shop than to serve syncretized fast food ("Dr.
In his blog, Green resolutely clings to indisputable orthodoxy, insisting that in the plausibility structure that will guide legal education at Liberty University, the Christian faith "may not be altered, diluted, syncretized, compromised or altogether cast aside.
Thus important African deities were syncretized with Catholic saints, as we shall see when we look at The War of the Saints, in which Saint Barbara of the Thunder appears as the embodiment of both the Catholic Saint Barbara and the Bantu goddess Yansan.
In some areas, Islam and Christianity are syncretized with animism.
It can also be ventured that this is so regardless of whether the home is real or imaginary, or whether it is temporary and syncretized or a simulation, or whether it is manifest in a fascination with the sense of belonging, affiliation or community .
African Americans syncretized African and Native folklore as they assimilated local Native Americans, or were assimilated by them.
44: 'a syncretized Afro-Brazilian religion developed, known as Candomble in Bahia, Xango in Pernambuco, and Macumba in Rio de Janeiro'.
Syncretized elements that have been taken from this system and combined with other West African traditions, Native American beliefs and Euro-centric Christian beliefs and liturgies can be found among persons of African descent throughout the Americas in the following religions: Santeria (Puerto Rico, Cuba, New York and Miami); Candomble, Umbanda, and Macumba (Brazil); Vodun (Haiti); and Lucumi (Cuba).
Sofi, her kin, and neighbors continue to speak Spanish and maintain syncretized Mexican/Amerindian/Spanish customs in unique and astonishing ways.
Rather, Carroll posits an early seventeenth century "devotional revolution" in which Irish Catholics invented local devotions and syncretized them with just enough of the tridentine model to retain clerical sanction.
5 For a helpful explanation of Julian's syncretized and philosophical gods, see Wilmer Cave Wright's introductions to Julian's hymns (348-51; 439-41).