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the union (or attempted fusion) of different systems of thought or belief (especially in religion or philosophy)

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the fusion of originally different inflected forms (resulting in a reduction in the use of inflections)

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But in important respects it was also more 'modern', syncretist and dualist in its combination of re-invented traditional ritual and advocacy of condom use--recognising the changing lifestyles among the young in both the city and the countryside.
Kaiser may think that the syncretist "theology" of some Indian or Sri Lankan Jesuit theologians merging the "best" of the world's religions into a melting pot has a great future; no one of importance in the Catholic Church I know agrees with him.
Hampshire responded that that would be no problem "for an old syncretist hack like me.
Inspired by a syncretist view of the past, these views reinforced the Pseudo-Plutarchan view of Homer as originator of all the arts and sciences, supreme poet, and unsurpassed genius.
Whether discussing syncretist Aztec hymns, the erotic religious imagery of the medieval female mystic and poet Mechthild von Magdeburg, or the debates surrounding the writings of Rigoberta Menchu or Milorad Pavic, Damrosch sifts through historical and political issues without dogma or apologetics, attentive to the ambiguities that make works of literature intriguing, multivocal structures.
In demonstrating his syncretist use of both classical and contemporary authorities, Dante is shown to be a product of his time.
something of a syncretist, combining Catholic and Protestant faiths
HaNagid, inspirational syncretist who was an Arabic-speaking Jew, statesman, poet, and soldier in medieval Grenada, evokes the "doubled song" that begins the poem that seems to me a song as angry at the mystical God of miracles as it is at the fundamentalism of that God's adherents:
An introductory chapter lays out four "contexts for discussing Morrison's novels as African American works" (2) - her life, the critical debate about whether black writing "should be approached as a separatist or syncretist literature" (11), black women's writing, and the coincidence of a dialogic understanding of narrative and the "openness of traditional black culture" (19).
Allen simply rejects Olson's theoretical position, depicting him as an 'extravagant syncretist and philosophical dilettante' (LBH p.
The syncretist is one who attempts to reconcile various schools of thought; he would be happiest if he could prove that all cooking sprang from one primordial dish-barbecued or otherwise-varied through the ages by time, the confusion of tongues, and the availability of local produce.
A talk at Jamia Millia Islamia's Yasser Arafat Hall featuring Fatah was cancelled on Thursday after, according to the writer, " Muslim radicals" objected to his plan to speak about why a hall is named after the late Palestinian leader but not for a syncretist like Dara Shikoh.
Peripheral (post) modernity; the syncretist aesthetics of Borges, Piglia, Kalokyris, Kyriakidis.
The Research Group in Democracy and Social and Economic Development of Cote d'Ivoire (GERDDES-CI) created the forum, which engages leaders of many of the country's religious groups, including Catholics, Muslims, various Protestant groups, several syncretist groups, the Association of Traditional Priests, and the Bossonists, an association of indigenous Akan religious priests.