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Synonyms for syncopation

(phonology) the loss of sounds from within a word (as in 'fo'c'sle' for 'forecastle')

a musical rhythm accenting a normally weak beat

music (especially dance music) that has a syncopated rhythm

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3) Zap Mama, with Marie Daulne, brings a blend of African syncopation, funk, and rhythm and blues to UCLA's Royce Hall tonight.
These men have a cracking way with syncopation and give each section 110 per cent.
The quartet of male dancers, echoing the quartet in Agon, leaped and darted in unison and in syncopation like a flock of birds.
Although simple, it is light and soothing and uses some syncopation in a way that adds interest and is not jarring.
Risshie Sachdeva of the contemporary jazz and funk outfit, thoroughly believes that journey with Syncopation has been an " awesome ride.
The reggae spin on New Pilot's song "Stuttering" is fascinating, the syncopation of which creates an engaging effect with John Wheeler's roots-soaked voice.
We fear broken window, fraud, we find happiness in the syncopation of
doesn't matter if it's true" The style of the song is jazzy, with instructions sometimes to use "jazz 8ths" and features jazz harmonies and much syncopation in both vocal lines and piano, as well as an after-beat pattern in the piano, left hand.
Then he looks at temporal features in each composer: lyrical expansions, elisions, and rhythmic flow in Fanny Hensel nee Mendelssohn; repetition, motion, and reflection in Franz Schubert; doubling and reverberation in Robert Schumann; metric cycles and performative time in Johannes Brahms; and syncopation and the rhythms of speech in Hugo Wolf.
They use driving syncopation, dovetailing leads and flying meter changes, all to beautiful advantage.
But occasionally we welcome a contrast, a syncopation against the rhythm.
Budgie's shotgun drum fills have a monstrous syncopation, like herds stampeding across the rolling landscapes of Andalusia, Spain, site of the album's recording.
The young performers grabbed the sense of fun within Bartok's Concerto For Orchestra, with crisp playing, some fine syncopation by the trumpets in the "game of pairs" and an impressive layering of sound, dynamics and control in the fiercely fast finale.
Mae'r syncopation yn gyffrous, ydi, ond efallai y byddai'n well ei gyfyngu i'r tro olaf rownd, yn lle ei ddefnyddio bob tro yn ail ran yr alaw.
A common mistake made by amateur pianists is to be seduced by the joyful syncopation of ragtime music into taking the pieces much too fast.