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Synonyms for syncopation

(phonology) the loss of sounds from within a word (as in 'fo'c'sle' for 'forecastle')

a musical rhythm accenting a normally weak beat

music (especially dance music) that has a syncopated rhythm

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Throughout the entire exhibition rhythm, repetition, syncopation and a curvilinear swing pervade Matthias Sauerbruch's and Louisa Hutton's use of architectural form, colour, content and material.
Ragtime music, a melange of American musical influences including the syncopation of African drumming rhythms, took the nation by storm in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Bruce MacPherson's illustrations are lively, energetic, and in perfect syncopation with the adventure story as it plays out from first page to last.
Blending elements of post-civil rights African-American culture, the newly out-and-proud gay movement, and the syncopation of the recently developed synthesizer, disco became a craze that flared brilliantly in its time, then fell by the wayside to fond memories and derisive scorn as its pop-culture peers of punk and hip-hop rose in its place.
The free-verse syncopation delves deeply into memories, and thrives upon presenting familiar icons and situations in a fresh and sometimes skewed viewpoint.
Counter-rhythms, syncopation, cross-rhythms, all kinds of movement she found to choreograph that was inherent in the song.
The first pleasure of the caper film is savoring the perfect execution of an intricate and complex battle plan, enjoying the sweet syncopation as all the prearranged chords and beats come together in a lush and lively melody, and our conductor gets every singer to hit their note dead on and just in time.
However, the gelding's supporters only ended up with a 6-1 winner as odds-on Syncopation refused to enter the stalls for the second time and bookmakers deducted 70p in the pound from winnings.
Porter's prose has a charmed quality, comprised as it is of subtle syncopation, incantatory syntax, and bracing diction, which even in the simplest descriptive passages can transport: "Nothing much here under the power lines humming in the lucency--bottle caps and such oddments, scraps, bones, ribbons and what not strewn among clumps of old wild dead grass and some green sprouting through, but little refuse.
Untitled, in paint, vellum, tape, and paper, accomplishes this material and metaphoric syncopation in a hypnotic sweep in which surface becomes structure and support only to end as representation of both: Through paint and cutout and the microlayering of papers, what begins as an actual ground shifts to become a representation of that ground presented on another surface.
However, the story is told in the first person with a technique that seeks an effect of musical syncopation but proves to be devoid of any readable narrative shape.
There came to be a kind of syncopation to the capital, jazz rhythms to the press conferences and glittering White House evenings, as the big cats prowled and did their business, and then went reluctantly home.
Discussions of the relative beauty or syncopation of popular music might seem like irrelevant babble to someone who isn't a devotee or scholar.
Bands on the Xtreme Sports soundtrack include Amon Tobin, Cabbage Boy, Cold Cut, Dynamic Syncopation, Irresistible Force, London Funk Allstars, Mr.
However, a few of the later pieces include some syncopation that may challenge younger beginners.