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  • verb

Synonyms for synchronize

to occur at the same time

Synonyms for synchronize

make synchronous and adjust in time or manner

arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

operate simultaneously

cause to indicate the same time or rate

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The Atlas Suite from PSS Systems is the first and only enterprise solution to provide a robust and automated legal holds process, the critical map of data custodianship, and an enterprise retention management framework that synchronizes retention across business units and data sources.
By easily sharing data between the mobile phone and PC, the software makes it easy for cellular subscribers to synchronize data between their handsets and personal computers in addition to personalizing their phones.
Applying ideas developed by other researchers to explain how nerve cells synchronize their activity in response to a stimulus, Peskin examined the case of two oscillators -- representing two heart cells -- that influence each other via their own signals.
1 for Windows Mobile adds a new dimension of mobile productivity to the lives of smartphone owners by allowing them to synchronize multiple Outlook folders on multiple PCs with their device and keep the folders' contents organized separately and easily identifiable on the handheld.
But it may be possible to synchronize parts of certain chaotic systems, say Louis M.
Especially for enterprise customers who are dedicated to using Microsoft products for their office productivity and insist on platform consistency, PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile is the only solution that lets employees not only synchronize more data between Outlook and Outlook Mobile but also organize the data on the Windows Mobile device the same way as on the desktop--in multiple, separate groupings, not all mixed up together.
In April 2006, TradeCard launched the SourceView(TM) visibility suite to help customers synchronize and control the physical and financial supply chain.
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