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In this essay, I am concerned with these sometimes synchronistic relationships in Iranian Jewish American literature between reading practices, aesthetics, and politics, from the Iran hostage crisis to the War on Terror.
Synchronistic phenomena prove the simultaneous occurrence of meaningful equivalences in heterogeneous, causally unrelated processes; in other words, they prove that a content perceived by an observer can, at the same time, be represented by an outside event, without any causal connection.
the Jewish Kabbalah; ASA 82); they believe in meaningful synchronistic coincidences and view certain events as omens (ASA 73; 27; MC 61, 65-66), and in the case of Pablo in Un ano sin amor, the character has a long series of "premonitions" (40, 41,45, 64, 89, 94, 95, 118, 119, 144) about his own death.
Our highly technical electronic medical record and relationship-based care model are synchronistic.
Since laws and events are strictly tied up together (the laws manifest only in and through events, while the events manifest only because their structure is governed by a set of laws) in the way in which cause and effect are tied up together, it is safe to conclude that nature and culture in the human equation form a stratified complex and synchronistic assemblage, wherein nature is the body-matter part of the equation, while culture is the mind-spirit part, the two being interconnected simultaneously somehow like in a two-mirror game in which the image of man is reflected back and forth infinitely, from nature to culture, and back again, in an infinite chain of cause-and-effect.
A vision can take the appearance of an animal, a shape in a cloud, a synchronistic event.
Among the topics are the influence of German Romantic science on Jung and Pauli, quantum measurement and the Paulian idea, dual support for Pauli's dual aspects, investigating synchronistic events in psychotherapy, and time and Tao in synchronicity.
It's a synchronistic relationship, which Danny explains as having grown through a mix of trial, error and planning.
IT MAY BE HARD TO UNDERSTAND FOR SOMEONE who hasn't spent much time in New Mexico, but synchronistic moments like the one at The Crucifixion are the reason that people live and work here.
Good faith and good intention can be affected when decisions need to be made in acute situations, in circumstances where old ways no longer work in a synchronistic manner with new ways, and when interpretation has been mistaken for communication.
Fedeski describes it in synchronistic terms: "When something is meant to happen, life makes it abundantly clear through numerous signs.
The foundation is a nonprofit organisation "focused on making a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families, by bringing together fiscally responsible organisations, resources, celebrities, people of influence and synchronistic brands to have a transformative global impact", it says on its website.
A new machine featuring three synchronistic robots that performs inspections and checks simultaneously for any engine including thread check, plug assembly and leak test.
That night, at dinner, the man gestures in my direction in a synchronistic movement of lifted fork, tilted chin, and raised eyebrows, questioning my parents in a far-off language increasingly alien to my new life: "But this one hasn't learned to eat yet?