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In favor of the historicity of the Synchronistic History, A.
the breast] to the infant" in a well-timed, synchronistic manner, the mother provides a "holding environment" which allows the infant to begin to piece together its previously "unintegrated" experiences of self and others.
If we are willing to suspend our insistence that we are merely physical beings who must maintain a concrete hold on the world, then we can be part of the numinosity that surrounds these synchronistic events.
Given the sympatric and synchronistic coexistence of northern short-tailed shrews with Neotominae and Arvicolinae rodents (such as Peromyscus leucopus and Microtus pennsylvanicus) and their ferocious territorial behavior, hantavirus spillover may be possible.
When Z Channel's use of month-long festivals showcasing a director, actor, or theme was isomorphic with the party atmosphere of the Harvard graduation ball at the opening of Cimino's Heaven's Gate, or when programmer Harvey's story was obviously synchronistic with the guerilla-journalism of James Woods and John Belushi in Salvador, or with Fitzcarraldo's impossible dream to bring opera culture to the Peruvian jungle in Herzog's masterpiece, it just made sense to intercut those clips with the interviews and documents telling the story of Z Channel.
of Arizona-Tucson) constructs a roadmap of Bei Dao's complex poetics, finding it to be both unabashedly individualistic and deeply synchronistic with traditional Chinese and post-modernist aesthetics.
I didn't realise that in a strange, synchronistic way, my life would run parallel to it.
Thus, when Ognjenovic's life path was directed toward the Scandinavian north one century later, the synchronistic parallel between the two most prominent women writers in Yugoslav literature became obvious to the Serbian reading public.
Similarity plays a role in synchronistic phenomena (Section 2.
It offers forums for posting discussion regarding course content, a coffee room to create a supportive environment, and chat rooms for virtual synchronistic discourse.
The true register A=1 is clearly in all ways the most synchronistic for alphanumeric analysis of this anagram.
The synchronistic emergence of the ICC with the Bush administration's neoconservative agenda is actually more serendipitous than it is tragic.
This theology is the by-product of the emergence and eventual primacy of a synchronistic orientation that unites Wahhabism and Salafism in modern Islam.
Every instant becomes synchronistic, every contact a contact high.
Can any of it be tied to specific innovations directly or indirectly related to deregulation, or could the growth be a synchronistic coincidence, not related to regulatory reform?