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extinct reptile having a single pair of lateral temporal openings in the skull

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Examination of the nasal cavities of the ancestors of mammals, the synapsid reptiles, indicates that olfactory turbinals were very likely present at an early stage, among the earliest forms to diverge from the main reptilian ("sauropsid") lineage, and well before endothermy was likely to have evolved.
For over 130,000,000 years, mammals rived side by side with the now extinct large dinosaurs, and some early mammal relatives even are mistaken for dinosaurs, such as the sail-back synapsid Dimetrodon, a fossil featured in this section.
Washington, July 29 (ANI): A team of paleontologists from the Field Museum, US, has described the first vertebrate to live in trees as the small plant-eating synapsid, which lived in the Late Paleozoic, 260 million years ago.
John combined his assessment of the age of the Pictou Group in the Malpeque Bay area with Doffs information to conclude that the tracks represented a latest Pennsylvanian to earliest Permian occurrence of the ichnogenera Notalacerta and Gilmoreichnus, most likely made by a basal reptile and a basal synapsid, respectively.
When a group of reptiles called the synapsids branched off from the main reptile line to become the precursors of mammals, the jaw again underwent changes.
Non-mammalian synapsids (therapsids) are represented only by the large traversodontid cynodont Arctotraversodon plemmyridon (Hopson 1984; Sues et al.
Farmer, the study's principal author and an assistant professor of biology at the University of Utah, explained: "The real importance of this air-flow discovery in gators is it may explain the turnover in fauna between the Permian and the Triassic, with the synapsids losing their dominance and being supplanted by these archosaurs.