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the junction between two neurons (axon-to-dendrite) or between a neuron and a muscle

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Other superconducting devices mimicking the human brain cells and transmission have been developed in the past, but efficient synapses have been missing.
Maintaining brain cells and synapses in good condition is critical, since mental performance and the ability of the brain to change in response to new information is totally reliant on the health of the brain's vast and complex network of synapses.
5) Therefore, studies examining CNS synapse formation were mainly conducted in a few specific types of synapses, namely, those in which presynaptic and postsynaptic components are well-defined and both divergence and convergence of axonal projections are low, such as climbing fiber synapses on cerebellar Purkinje cells.
A protein called Clq was packed around synapses in the brains of young mice genetically engineered to show signs of Alzheimer's.
During normal brain development, a burst of synapse formation occurs in infancy, particularly in the cortex, a region involved in autistic behaviors; pruning eliminates about half of these cortical synapses by late adolescence.
In the new study, the team studied SIRP alpha function in the brain -- and started to understand its role in synapse stabilization.
Sanes' team found a variety of age-related differences between the synapses of the young and old mice.
The sticky synapse; cell adhesion molecules and their role in synapse formation and maintenance.
Invaginated synapse diameter (postsynaptic element) was measured from synapses that were cut in cross sections from five animals in each of the three species.
The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience showed that the release of zinc from synapses is critical for Abeta to form oligomers and to aggregate.
People with more professional training and education have more synapses in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, Illinois and Russian neuroscientists say.
In these studies, neuroscientists have documented that over our life spans the number of synapses per unit area or unit volume of cortical tissue changes, as does the number of synapses per neuron.
This year the team reported to the American Academy of Neurology that of the patients studied, 19 had in their blood autoantibodies directed against certain synapses in their brain and spinal cord.
Objective: A fundamental question in neuroscience is how the biophysical properties of synapses shape higher network computations.