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the junction between two neurons (axon-to-dendrite) or between a neuron and a muscle

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Synapse stepped in, worked with him and solved the problem, building a product - Cloud CFO - along the way.
We are pleased to formalize a partnership with our colleagues at Synapse Biomedical," said Megan Moynahan, Executive Director of the IFR.
As more and more nerve messages travel between the "sending" and "receiving" cells on either side of that synapse, more SIRP-alpha gets cleaved, released into the synapse, and bound to CD47.
Synapse VNA will enhance image management, streamline workflow, reduce costs and, most importantly, improve patient care.
Synapse Wireless will become a majority owned subsidiary of the McWane Corporation.
Synapse designed and built the Simpa Regulator[TM] prototypes currently being tested with customers in Bangalore, India.
There clearly were more synapses found in subjects with intellectually skilled professions, such as engineering or teaching," says James E.
Please visit Fujifilm at the HIMSS conference, where Fujifilm representatives will be discussing its complete line up of Synapse products at booth #541.
We're excited by the opportunity to partner with one of the true pioneers and creators of the first multi-tenant GUI for FreeSWITCH," said Scott Wittenberg, CEO of Synapse Global.
Cajal had imaged synapses by refining Golgi's staining technique.
NEW YORK, April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Synapse Retail, the retail focused advisory division of Synapse Development Group, headquartered in New York City, announced that it exclusively represented Spoke & Weal, the renowned high end salon by Jon Reyman with locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, in leasing space at 147 Grand Street, between Crosby and Lafayette Streets, in SoHo.
Washington, March 7 ( ANI ): Scientists have identified antibodies that block the process of synapse disintegration in Alzheimer's disease, raising hopes for a treatment to combat early cognitive decline in the disease.
And further, like stations on a radio dial, each synapse is tuned to a different optimal frequency for learning.
To determine the abundance of synapses in the preoptic area, Amateau and McCarthy measured spinophilin, a protein that acts on the synapse-forming spines that branch off nerve cells.
Providing the intelligence behind the Synapse RF Engine, SNAP runs on Silicon Labs' Si1000 wireless MCU, which combines an ultra-low-power processor core with a high-performance sub-GHz RF transceiver delivering high-bandwidth and extended-range wireless connectivity.