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(Judaism) the place of worship for a Jewish congregation

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As well as continuing its life as a functional synagogue, Princes Road also contains an exhibition of the congregation's 250-year history, which started long before Princes Road was built.
Shaikh Hussain said that the new synagogue is 200 meters away from Al Haram Al Sharif and will be built on the rubble of an Islamic Waqf.
He pointed out that after the terrorists have taken over the synagogue, information indicated to secret excavation works at its surroundings and inside in addition to smuggling its antique collectibles.
Following an opening ceremony the synagogue will start to serve for Jewish people.
Not having the synagogue in Brenham may make it harder for me to connect with that past.
The open day offers conducted tours around the synagogue by team of official guides.
At first the congregation met in a house in the North End, then the center of the city's Jewish life; for some decades, the synagogue was peripatetic, finally moving downtown in 1937.
com/historic-damascus-synagogue-looted-and-destroyed/) The Times of Israel cited a rebel activist , who said that the synagogue has sustained near-constant lootings in recent months, but the main sanctuary was undamaged.
By 2006, the original Lincoln Square Synagogue at 200Amsterdam could no longer accommodate its growing congregation.
Synagogue Danan dans le Mellah de Fes (17e siecle) classee monument historique par le Ministere de la Culture.
He was one of the founders of the synagogue on Moira Terrace.
The official name of the Adly Street synagogue is Shaar Hashmayim, meaning Gates of Heaven, founded at the turn of the 20th Century.
A four-alarm fire ravaged Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, a modern Orthodox Upper East Side synagogue that was under renovation, last night, destroying the roof and heavily damaging the upper floors, according to the New York Times.
Even in America, where the percentage of Jews affiliated with synagogues has always been a minority, the synagogue, as Marc Lee Raphael notes in The Synagogue in America, A Short History, has always been "the most significant Jewish institution in the life of Jews" (207).