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the contraction of two vowels into a diphthong


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the separation of liquid from a gel that is caused by contraction (as in cheese making)

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We agree with Plummer & Gostin's (1981) conclusion that no single feature of a shrinkage crack can distinguish between subaerially formed mudcracks (desiccation cracks) and subaqueously formed synaeresis cracks.
Nellist (1986) did not address these microcracks but rather interpreted our larger mudcracks as synaeresis cracks.
First, a point of terminology: following common practice I use the terms diaeresis (dieresi) and dialefe to stand for all syllable divisions between adjacent vowels, respectively within and across word boundaries; conversely I use their opposites, synaeresis (sineresi) and sinalefe ('synaloepha' exists in English, but is not much used), to stand for all cases where two or more adjacent vowels are counted as a single syllable.
The list in Table 1 does not include, moreover, thirty cases in this category where Petrocchi has a diaeresis on a final accented diphthong followed by sinalefe, and where for reasons that I shall discuss later I believe that synaeresis followed by dialefe would be a more likely presumption.
Together with the sinalefe after io discussed below (example 69), these are the only cases I have found of sinalefe after a monosyllable ending in a falling diphthong, excluding the thirty further cases where I shall argue that Petrocchi's diaeresis followed by sinalefe should be replaced by synaeresis followed by dialefe.
Either the letter i is consonantal by synaeresis, or, more likely, the second a in Pharsaliam must be irregularly short.