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Synonyms for symptomatic

Synonyms for symptomatic

characteristic or indicative of a disease


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This change in labeling provides younger women suffering from symptomatic fibroids access to a new, non-invasive treatment option that is safe, effective and keeps their uterus intact without compromising their existing ability to get pregnant.
Radium-223 has a specific mode of action and has already demonstrated safety and efficacy in CRPC patients with symptomatic bone metastases and no known visceral metastases.
Vos and her colleagues' dichotomization of subjects as normal or abnormal at baseline made no allowance for a symptomatic predementia, he noted--a position that "is inconsistent with the published work from other groups in the specialty.
A total of 4,106 of these subjects developed symptomatic gallstone disease during follow-up of up to 34 years.
Symptomatic effects of chondroitin 4 and chondroitin 6 sulfate on hand osteoarthritis: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial at a single center.
TLR4 polymorphisms and enhanced expressions of sICAM and Th1 cytokines lead to symptomatic disease.
Dyer and her associates assessed 99 women with symptomatic prolapse.
The study was conducted by US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) investigators to provide prevalence estimates of symptomatic PFDs in US women.
of Droxidopa and must demonstrate both a blood pressure and symptomatic improvement.
Several serious ART-related complications have been noted in the era of chronic, effective treatment, including NRTI-related symptomatic hyperlactataemia.
1) A review, of the records of 76 symptomatic clients of a British HIV clinic showed that 40 had visited a health care provider after developing symptoms, but only 21 had had their infection correctly diagnosed at that time.
described 3 cases of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) from Juquitiba and stated that "the first human cases of symptomatic infection by hantaviruses were reported from Brazil in 1993.
In another meta-analysis, Takata et al analyzed 80 articles and reported that only 19% of untreated children were still clinically symptomatic 7 days after the onset of AOM and that few of them experienced any suppurative complications.
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